Vouchers are credits an admin can add to an account. Clients can spend these credits like cash to cover any fees on that account. When enabled in your camp Settings, Vouchers that are added to an account can be redeemed at the click of a button during the checkout process. Voucher payments will show as revenue in your financial reporting.

In UltraCamp's Classic view, you can review, create and edit Vouchers by taking the following steps in an account:

      1. Open the desired account
      2. Click on View Finance History
      3. At the bottom right, expand the Additional Actions menu
      4. Click on Manage Vouchers

Here you will see a list of all vouchers for the current account. You can redeem a voucher or edit the voucher by clicking the appropriate icon.


Creating Vouchers

Vouchers can be created from the Vouchers page.

To create a voucher, take the following steps:

      1. From the Manage Vouchers window, click Add a new voucher.
      2. When you add a new voucher, UltraCamp will generate a Voucher Code. The client will not need to remember this, but the code can be used for administrative tracking.
      3. Enter Issued Amount.
          • This is the starting value of the voucher and controls how much the client has to spend. This displays to the client on the public side.
      4. Select Expiration Date.
          • This shuts down the voucher and prevents any remaining money from being spent after this date and time arrive. This displays to the client on the public side.
      5. Comments [Optional]  can be added to the voucher, but do not display on the public side. 


Editing a Voucher

Once a voucher has been created it can be viewed, edited, or even deleted on the Manage Vouchers page. 

To edit a voucher, take the following steps:

    1. From the Manage Vouchers window, click the pencil.svgEdit icon to the right of the appropriate voucher.
    2. Adjust the desired settings.
        • You can adjust the Issued Amount, Expiration Date, and Comments.
        • Other settings are locked at the time the voucher is created.
    3. Click the Save Voucher button.

You can delete a voucher using the button at the bottom of the page when editing a voucher.


How the Public Claims a Voucher

Once you've created a voucher on an account, your clients will be able to claim it during checkout or when making a payment outside the registration process.

  • During registration, clients can click the Redeem button on the payment page to use their voucher.
  • When making a payment directly from their account, clients may need to can choose Voucher when they choose a payment type. If the Voucher is not visible, they will need to click Change next to the current payment method in order to switch to their voucher.




Reporting on Vouchers

Vouchers can be reported on through the Vouchers report in UltraCamp's Classic View.

To report on the vouchers, take the following steps in Classic View:

    1. In the Reports menu expand the Financial section.
    2. Click Vouchers.
    3. Enter any desired filters in the Report Parameters.
        • Issue Date focuses your query based on when a voucher was created.
        • Expiration Date narrows your query based on when vouchers are set to expire. 
        • Use the Amount field to focus your query on whether the voucher is greater than (>), less than (<), or equal to (=) the amount you enter in the data field.
        • Use the Balance field to query based on how much money remains available on existing vouchers. You can search based on whether the remaining money is greater than (>), less than (<), or equal to (=) the amount you enter in the data field.
    4. Click the Search button.

UltraCamp will return a list of Vouchers that fit your Report Parameters, along with links to the accounts and to edit individual vouchers. 


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