Understanding Fees and Payments on an Account

The Fees and Payments section displays an overview of financial activity for a designated season. 

  • It is broken into several subsections displaying Reservation Fees, Other Fees, Payments / Credits, and any Balance Forward. 
  • Details for each of these sections can be reviewed through expandable menus and View icons.    
  • By default, the Fees and Payments menu on the Finance Detail page displays a summary of finances for the current season. 
    • This can be adjusted by using the dropdown menu to select an individual season, past or present. 
    • By selecting Entire History from the dropdown menu, you can view the entire financial history of this account. 

Time Focus or Session Focus 

You can adjust how the financial information is displayed by changing the Display as dropdown menu to show either a Timeline Focus or a Session Focus.

  • The Timeline Focus arranges the Fees and Payments based on when the action was initiated. 
  • Choosing to display as a Session Focus will show transactions related to reservations and their associated fees in the selected season.

Reservation Fees

Reservation Fees display with their date and a summary amount. 

  • To view more details, you can expand the Reservation Fees by clicking the session name or the + icon to the left. 
  • Clicking the Binoculars or View icon to the right will redirect you to the Reservation Detail page.

In addition to the view icons, a small square icon offers financial information on each reservation fee.

  • If the square has a green checkmark, these fees are paid in full. Otherwise, these fees are not paid off.
  • Hovering over the box will give you the value of the balance. 
  • Clicking on the square will bring up a popup with the ledger entries related to this fee. 
  • The box icon will be replaced with a warning triangle if the fees owed are past due.

Other Fees

The Other Fees section displays additional, non-reservation fees such as seasonal fees, product orders, store and email fees, debits, etc.

  • Depending on the type of fee, these transactions can be viewed in greater detail using the view icon to the right and edited or deleted.
  • Certain types of additional fees only have a delete option and cannot be edited.

Payments / Credits

Payments and credits are displayed with the Binoculars or View icon  to the right.

  • Clicking this icon will redirect you to a Payment Detail page where you can edit, refund, and occasionally void or delete the transaction (depending on the transaction type). 
  • The Payment Detail page also allows you to reallocate transaction funds to the various fees incurred on the account.

Scheduled / Anticipated Payments

If there are scheduled or anticipated payments, the Scheduled / Anticipated Payments menu will appear. 

  • You can view and delete scheduled or anticipated payments here. 
    • Scheduled Payments are electronic payments and will be collected automatically
    • Anticipated Payments are displayed when a client promises to pay by Mail-in Payment at the end of registration. These must be recorded manually when you receive them.
  • Failed Scheduled Payments will be listed with a red alert icon.

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