Add a Donation to an Account

While donations can be made on the public side, admins can also record donations in UltraCamp for reporting and financial tracking accuracy.  

There are two ways to navigate to adding donations:

Option A: Financial History

    1. Open the desired account
    2. Click View Financial History
    3. Expand the Additional Actions menu on the right
    4. Click Add a Donation

Option B: Donor History

    1. Open the desired account
    2. Click View Donor History under Common Tasks
    3. Click Make / Record a Donation



Add a Donation

To add a Donation, take the following steps:

    1. Select a donation amount or enter a custom donation amount
      • If the selected donation allows Comments, you can record them here as well.
    2. [Optional] Check the box to make this a recurring donation
    3. Indicate the Recorded Date of Donation (leaving this field blank defaults to today's date).
    4. Click the Add Donations button
    5. Complete the Checkout process
      • Click the button to Review items in my cart and checkout >>
      • [Optional] Check or uncheck the box to
      • Save without payment or proceed to payment to save the discount on the account.

When checkout is complete, the donation will be added to the account and a donation receipt will be sent to the donor in both an email and account message.

Once a donation has been added, it will show in the Other Fees section of the Finance Detail on the account.

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