Manage Discounts on an Account

Through the Manage Discounts tool, you can approve, edit, and delete simple discounts as well as have UltraCamp recalculate multi-week discounts. Each session from the current season will be listed on this page. Below each session will be listed the applicable discounts.

After a reservation has been made, it may be necessary to adjust discounts on a single account. There are two approaches to adjusting discounts on an account.

To manage discounts for a single account:

    1. Open the desired account.
    2. Proceed to the Finance Detail page.
    3. Select the desired Season from the dropdown menu on the Finance Detail page.
    4. Click the Manage Discounts button under Common Tasks to view all discounts approved for the selected season's reservations.

To manage discounts for a single reservation:

    1. Open the desired account.
    2. Click the View icon to the right of the desired reservation
    3. Click the Edit icon next to Discounts in the Fee Detail for the reservation

Simple Discounts

Simple Discounts will display with radio buttons to the left and an amount field to the right. You can adjust the discount amount by editing the dollar amount in the field.

    1. Select the Approved button to apply the discount amount to the reservation.
    2. Select the Pending button to shift the discount to a pending status.
      • Pending discounts show on the account and reports as awaiting administrative approval but don't affect reservation or account balances.
    3. If a discount is Approved or Pending, the Delete button will appear. Select this button to remove the discount from the reservation.
    4. Click the Save Discounts button in order to save any changes made on this page to simple discounts.

Multi-Week Discounts

Multi-week discounts are automated and therefore cannot have their amounts changed manually. Sometimes, however, a Multi-Week discount may not calculate correctly.  To fix this, try the following:

  • At the bottom of the list of discounts and sessions, click the link to Apply / Recalculate MultiWeek Discounts

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