Manage Sponsorship Codes

Sponsorship codes provide a clean method of tracking the payment of one account for the fees of another.  Sponsorship codes are enabled in the My Settings wizard and can be set up to be purchased by the public or controlled internally. 

Creating Sponsorship Codes

To create a new Sponsorship code, take the following steps:

    1. Select the Account and click View Financial History
    2. Expand Additional Actions and select Management Sponsorship Codes
    3. Click Create a new sponsorship code
    4. Use the UltraCamp generated Sponsorship Code or create your own 
      • Once a Sponsorship code is saved, the redemption code cannot be edited.
    5. Enter an Expiration Date for when this code can no longer be claimed
      • We recommend the end date of your season
    6. Enter a Sponsorship Cap amount (the overall budget for this code)
    7. [Optional] Check the Allow Public to Claim checkbox to let a public user enter the code during registration to claim it.
    8. The Preset Sponsorship Value is the default value the sponsorship code.  
      • If it is set to 0, whoever claims the sponsorship will be prompted to enter a sponsorship amount.
    9. Enter the amount of times it may be claimed.
      • Sponsorship codes can be set to only permit a certain number of claims before shutting off. This is generally applicable only to publicly claimed codes. 
      • Administrators can override these limits. We recommend making this a minimum of 1 claim per reservation.
    • If automated discounts may reduce the cost of a session, you can check the box to set this code to reduce the amount of the sponsorship by the same amount as the discount.  This will result in the sponsor account having to pay less for the individual they are sponsoring.

    • By Default, Store monies are not covered by this sponsorship code or any sponsorship code.  If your organization is using the Legacy camp store setup, you can uncheck this box to override this session and allow Legacy store monies to be covered by this code.  Point of sale store monies are never covered by a sponsorship code.


Managing an Existing Sponsorship

Once a sponsorship is created, it will be listed on the Finance Detail page.  Click the View icon next to the code to manage it.

Sponsorship Code Detail

  • The sponsorship code detail page displays a Summary of the code's information.  It also lists each individual Claim made using the code.
  • To change the code's settings, click the Edit this Code.
  • Click the Print Summary / Invoice to generate a pdf summary of the code.  This pdf can be downloaded or printed and used as an invoice.


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