Manage One-way Email (Admin)

One-way Email 

This facilitates communication from parents to their children while they are at camp. Once enabled in the My Settings wizard, it can be managed on individual accounts here.    

To Manage One-way Emails:

    1. Open the desired account 
    2. Click on View Financial History and proceed to the Finance Detail page 
    3. At the bottom right, expand the Additional Actions menu 
    4. Click on Manage One-way Email

Current Email Account

Current emails

If any messages have been submitted for this account, they will be recorded here along with the remaining emails available. Emails can be marked as Delivered , or you can Print and Delete recorded messages as desired using the links to the right of each message.

Emails Purchased

This section lists the email block purchases along with the quantity of emails and their cost. Quantity and Cost can be edited using the link to the right. The entire record can also be deleted using the link to the right.

Add Emails

Emails can be added administratively by clicking the Add Emails link after entering the Quantity and Cost. This will add the emails directly to the account, bypassing the shopping cart on the administrative side.

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