Using UltraCamp to Collect Donations

UltraCamp offers a variety tools that permit you to collect and manage donations. With these tools, you can prompt for donations during registration, collect pledges and recurring donations, send tax receipts, and even track campaigns and long-term donors.


Enabling Donations

To enable donation tools in UltraCamp, you will first need to turn these settings on.

Take these steps to enable Donations:

    1. Go to the Settings menu and expand the System / Management section.
    2. Click the link for the My Settings wizard.
    3. In the wizard, proceed to the Donations page in the Extra Services section.
    4. Select "Yes."
    5. Click the Complete button to save your changes.

Donations will now be enabled for your setup. On the next page, you can customize some of the key donation settings.


Donation Settings

Your donation settings will determine some core behaviors when donations are made through the system. These settings are controlled on the Donation setup page in the My Settings wizard.


Admin Notifications

If you wish to have one or more admins receive notification when a donation is made, take the following steps:

    • Click the link to Add / edit donation notifications.
    • In the popup, check the box for any admin User that should receive the donation notifications.
    • Click the Save button.


Donations in the Checkout Process

Determine donation behavior during checkout with the following two options:

    • If you check the box to Prompt for and display all donation options prior to checkout, all donation options will be shown to people registering. These will only show automatically at checkout once per client login.
    • Clients can opt into a recurring donation, setting a specific amount, payment method, and even end date if you check the box to Enable automated recurring donations to be scheduled.


Donation Emails to Clients

UltraCamp will automatically send an email confirming a donation made on the public side. You can customize the language included in this email here. The email message can be different depending on the type of donation. You can adjust the confirmation language by typing in the following fields:

    • Text to include in email confirming schedule of recurring donation
    • Text to include in email confirming donation (for most donations)

You can also set the email address UltraCamp will Send email confirmations from when a donation is made. Just choose the appropriate user and address from the dropdown menu. This menu draws from your active admin users.



If you don't see the User or email address in the dropdown menu, you may need to add or adjust your list of admins. This can be done through the Users page in the Settings menu (under the "System / Management" section). You can read more about creating new Admin Users here.


Saving Your Changes and Next Steps

Once you've updated this page to the desired settings, remember to click the Complete button to save these changes in your database.

You can now exit the wizard safely using the link at the top.


Creating Donations

With your core donation settings in place, you will need to create the actual donation items. Get started by creating:

    • One or more Donation Categories
    • One or more Donation Templates

You can learn about this step in our article on Donation Setup here.


Displaying Specific Donation Categories

If you did not set all donations to prompt for and display prior to checkout, you may want to enable specific Donation Categories to show for specific sessions. This is done by taking the following steps:

    1. Go to the Settings menu and expand the Session Templates section.
    2. Click Session Templates.
    3. Click the edit icon to the right of the template you wish to adjust.
    4. In the wizard, proceed to the Registration Information page.
    5. Check the box for any Donation Categories you wish to display at checkout. This only affects anyone registering for sessions scheduled from this template.
    6. Click the Complete button.

You can learn more about this step in our article on Session Templates here.


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