Managing Photos in the Photo Gallery (Legacy Gallery)

Please note that UltraCamp's Legacy Photo Gallery will be discontinued end of 2024.

Upload photos so your families and accounts can view and download them. If the Photo Gallery is enabled, you can:

  • Upload photos individually or in batches.
  • Edit uploaded photo settings and tags.
  • Remove uploaded photos individually or in batches.

You can manage photo uploads in the Photo Gallery section of the Extra Services menu.


Control the settings of the Photo Gallery in the My Settings wizard. Learn more about these settings here in our dedicated article.


Adding Images to the Photo Gallery

Uploaded photos are visible to families based on the Photo Gallery settings you have put in place.

To upload photos, take the following steps:

    1. Go to the Settings menu and expand the Photo Gallery section.
    2. Click Add Images.
    3. Set your desired Upload Information
    4. Select the files for upload by:
        • Clicking Add more files.
        • Dragging and dropping files into the designated space.
    5. Click the Upload button.

UltraCamp will then begin uploading the selected files.


Upgrading to SmugMug Photo Gallery

With the SmugMug integration, you can easily upload, organize, secure, and even sell photos. Create linked folders and galleries directly through UltraCamp, ensuring only registered participants and their families can access them—no need for links or passwords.

Connecting and authorization the SmugMug integration is only available in UltraCamp Beta. If you are in UltraCamp Classic, click on the UltraCamp logo to switch.

  1. Navigate to UltraCamp Beta Home Page (Beta) by clicking on the UltraCamp logo.
  2. Click on the Mega Menu  bars-regular.svg.
  3. Select Settings (for the initial setup only).
  4. Go to Camper Services.
  5. Select Photo Gallery.
  6. Click Activate With SmugMug. 
  7. Enter your camp's name and login credentials, and click Activate My Account.
  8. Complete Authorize Connection to finish setup.


After activating the account, the next step is to authorize the connection between SmugMug and UltraCamp. You must complete this step before you can use SmugMug.


If your camp currently has an account with SmugMug, please select Connect Existing Account. And follow the steps. SmugMug support will contact you to complete the connection.


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