Product Categories


Product Categories group the items you are selling. This makes it easier to manage and report on your products. 


Creating a Product Category

To create or manage Product Categories, take the following steps:

    1. Go to the Extra Services menu and expand the Online Store section.
    2. Click Product Categories.
    3. Create a new product category or click on a category name to edit an existing one.
    4. Adjust the category settings.
    5. Click the button at the bottom to Save or Update.

Once you've created a product category, you can move on to creating Products. Learn more about Products here.

Product Category Settings

The settings for a product category impact how products display and report. Below is a description of each category setting:


Product Category Name

The Product Category Name will be used to group products. It will also provide additional filtering options in the Orders by Product and Product Summary reports.


Product Category Description

This description will show to the public when this category is selected in the online store.


Display Rank

Setting a Display Rank will override the alphanumeric sort that is used by default for listing Product Categories. Lower numbers will.


Product Category Image

This image will display along with the description once a category is selected in the online store.


Allocation Account

Payments made toward products in this category will default to the allocation account you select.


Make Product Category Active

Check this box to make the product category active. Uncheck the box to deactivate it.


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