Products in the Online Store

Products are items you wish clients to be able to purchase through your online store. Purchases can be made at any time from within an account and do not require a reservation. 

By default only enabled products will be displayed but you can display deactivated products by unchecking the box at the upper right. 


How to Create or Edit Products

To create or edit a product, take the following steps:

    1. In the Extra Services menu, expand Online Store.
    2. Click Products.
    3. Click Create a new product or the pencil.svgEdit icon next to an existing product.
    4. Enter all required Product Details along with any desired optional settings.
    5. [Optional] Set the Delivery Options for this product.
    6. Click the Save Product button.

Your changes are now saved and active for your clients.


Product Details and Settings

The selections and data you enter for the Product Details will determine how this product behaves during selection. Below is a breakdown of each detail and setting:

Product Category

    • Product Categories group and organize products.
    • Each product must belong to a Product Category.
    • Learn more about Product Categories here.


Product Name

The Product Name will identify the product in several places:

    • In the purchasing process within the Online store.
    • On the account's Finance Detail page and printed statement.
    • In online store reporting.


Product Description

The Product Description shows beneath the Product Name on the public side.


Display Rank

    • Overrides the default alpha-numeric sort for store products.
    • Lower numbers are displayed toward the top and higher numbers toward the bottom.


Cost of Product

The cost of your product in your designated currency.


Shipping Cost

    • This amount will be added as a fee for each item purchased.
    • Shipping fees for all items will be combined and displayed in a single Shipping Fee in the cart.
    • If a Delivery Option is used, the Shipping Factor and Delivery Threshold settings will override the Shipping Cost.


Tax Rate in State

Set the tax rate for purchases made by accounts within your organization's state.


Tax Rate Out of State

Set the tax rate for purchases made outside your organization's state.


Product Image

    • A thumbnail of the Product Image will appear above the Product Name in the Product Category
    • The Product Image will appear above the description on the Product page.
    • The uploaded image should be a JPEG, JPG, or PNG file. 



    • Options are choices related to this product.
    • Options are displayed in a dropdown menu.
    • Create multiple options by separating each with a comma (for example: Small, Medium, Large).
    • Common examples of options are size, color, or model.


Make Productive Active

    • Check this box to make the product active. 
    • Uncheck this box to make the product inactive.


Delivery Options

Delivery Options let you specify how a product can be delivered to a client. They allow you to collect information and set more complex shipping rates.

    • Check the box to enable a Delivery Option for this product.
    • Set the Shipping Factor for this product using the field to the right.
    • The Shipping Factor indicates how much this product contributes toward the Threshold on the Delivery Option.
    • The Shipping Factor overrides the Shipping Cost.

You can learn more about Delivery Options here.


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