Online Store - An Overview

UltraCamp's Online Store feature lets you sell items directly to anyone with an account in UltraCamp. Organizations use this to sell all sorts of items. You can set delivery types and rates, tax rates, and more. 

In order to make use of the Online Store, you'll need to at least set up the following:

Once this done, you can take advantage of other features, like Delivery Methods and Featured Products. You'll also be able to track and manage purchases. 


The Online Store is not a comprehensive sale management system. While we have lots of features, we do not track inventory through the Online Store. If you are out of inventory for a particular product, you can hide it from public view.


How Clients Make Purchases

While anyone can view your online store items, someone must be logged in to complete a purchase. From within an account, a client may take the following steps to select items and check out:

  1. Click the Menu icon.
  2. Expand the Camp Store section and click Camp Store.
  3. Select a product category from the dropdown.
  4. Click on a product to select it.
  5. Indicate your product preferences.
  6. Click Add to Cart.

Clients can continue to select products until they are ready to checkout. When ready, they can click the button to Proceed to Checkout where they can follow the instructions for payment.


How to Report

UltraCamp offers several reports to help you manage your online store. You can find them by taking the following steps:

    1. Go to the Extra Services Menu.
    2. Expand the Online Store section.

The reports are as follows:

    • View Orders by order status or date.
    • Orders by Product lets you look at orders related to a specific product or category of products.
    • Order Summary gives you an overview of sales including item and monetary totals.


Managing and Fulfilling Purchases

You can mark purchases as complete within UltraCamp. This can help you identify which orders have been fulfilled or delivered.

There are two ways to mark an order as complete:

    • From the Product View on the account
    • From the View Orders report

To Edit or Complete an Order from the Product View

Take the following steps to edit an order: 

    1. Open the account and go to the Finance Detail page.
    2. Click the View icon next to the Product Order.
    3. Expand the order by clicking the + on the left.
    4. Click Edit to the right of the order.
    5. Adjust the quantity, selection option, and/or delivery method as desired.
    6. Click Update.

Your updated product order should now be displayed. 


To Edit or Complete an Order from the View Orders Report

Take the following steps to edit an order:

    1. In the Extra Services menu, expand the Online Store section.
    2. Click View Orders.
    3. [Optional] Select and enter any desired filters.
    4. Click Search.
    5. Click the + icon to expand the desired order.
    6. Click the Edit link next to the expanded order.
    7. Adjust the quantity and/or check the box next to the order.
    8. Click Update.

Your updates will now be saved and display the next time you run the report. 



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