Email Templates

If you find yourself repeatedly sending the same email message--or a very similar email message--an email template can save you a lot of time. For ease of use and quick retrieval, Email Templates store:

    • Your Email Subject Line
    • The Marketing status of your email
    • The Body of your Email (including formatting and personalization fields)
    • Any pre-selected Attachments

To find where to create and edit email templates directly, take the following steps:

    1. Go to the Settings menu and expand the Communication section.
    2. Click Email Templates.

Create an Email Template

To create an email template you will need to enter information that will be used whenever you send a message using this template. When manually sending a message, you'll be able to tweak and adjust the settings and information you enter now. However, all automatic messaging using this template will only use what you input here:

Email Template Content

  • Enter your Template Name. This will be used for admin purposes only and not be visible to the public.
  • Enter the Email Subject Line. This will appear to the recipient in any email correspondence sent using this template.
  • Check the Is Marketing box if this template is not directly related to existing registrations or information related to an existing reservation. This puts the required "Unsubscribe" link into the email message.
  • Fill out the body of the email with your message. You can use the formatting and content icons as well as the dropdown menus to manage how this message will appear to your clients.
    • You can switch between Design, HTML and Preview modes to help prepare your message
    • Use the Insert Personalization Fields dropdown to add data directly from UltraCamp into your message. For example, selecting the "primary_nameFirst" will insert the appropriate first name of the primary contact into each recipient's email.
    • Use the Links into UltraCamp dropdown to add links to specific pages or turn text into a redirect to a desired page.


If you don't see a personalization field you wish to use in your template, try running a report that contains that field. Save that report as a stored group and then use the Email a stored group tool to create your Email Template.

If you are creating a custom Email Template for a Retreat Reservation, try using the link to Email Invoice on the Retreat Reservation Detail page. This will offer you a complete list of available personalization fields for Retreat Reservations, and you can use the Save as new template link in the "Email Templates" section to store your template information.



While we recommend including links to documents rather than attaching files, sometimes a file is more desirable.

To attach one or more files, check the box next to the name.

    • Documents are files that have been uploaded to your Document Center.
    • Auto-filled Documents are custom pdf outputs.
    • Statements are the financial activity record for an account and separated by season.


Save your Template

You can save your progress by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the page. This can be done any time after inputting a Template Name.



You can also create an email template while composing a specific email message in the email tool. Just click the Save as new template link in the "Email Templates" section at the top. You'll be prompted to give the template a name and save it.

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