By uploading a document in pdf format to UltraCamp, you can make that document easily accessible to clients as an attachment, a download link or through the document center in their account.    

To upload a document or edit a pre-existing document: 

    1. Open the Settings menu and click on Communication.
    2. Select the Document Management link.
    3. Click the button to Upload a new document or choose an existing document to edit listed under Manage Existing Documents.

Basic Information

  • Document Name: The Document Name will be used as this pdf's label throughout UltraCamp and will be visible to your clients if this document is made accessible to them.
  • Category: If you have a large number of posted documents, you may want to give them a Category to make it easier for clients to locate the document they are looking for. You can select an existing category from the dropdown menu or you can type a new one in the field below. This is optional, however, and can be skipped.
  • Upload File: Clicking in the File field or the Choose file button will bring up a popup window where you can search your local hard drive and select the pdf you wish to upload.
  • View Current Document: Once you've saved your document in the database, a link will appear to View Current Document. Clicking this link will bring up the pdf in a new window, new tab or download, depending on your browser settings.
  • Display In Document Center: If you wish clients to be able to access a pdf directly, check the box to Display In Document Center. Leaving this box unchecked will restrict access to those who receive the pdf as an attachment or link in an email.
  • Enabled: By default, a document is Enabled . When you no longer wish to use a document but would like to preserve for reference or perhaps future use, you can uncheck this box to hide it both from public view and on the list of existing documents. Disabled forms can be viewed by unchecking the box to Only display enabled documents at the top right of the list of existing documents.


  • Attach as PDF or Provide Link: When documents are included with a confirmation email, they can either Attach as a PDF or be included as a Link Only in the email itself. Use the dropdown menu to indicate which approach you would prefer for this document.
  • Include Order: When UltraCamp generates the pdf attachment, it can blend multiple pdfs into one. Use the Include Order to override the alphanumeric defaults and determine which documents appear first. Smaller numbers will appear before larger numbers.
  • Group File Name: UltraCamp combines documents with the same Group File Name into a single pdf. Documents attached without a Group File Name will be combined with the confirmation receipt.


If you wish to attach a document as it's own PDF attachment, give the document a unique Group File Name. This also makes the attachment stand out more in the confirmation email.

Document Processing

Document processing allows clients to download a barcoded pdf, print it out, and return it via fax, email, or direct upload to UltraCamp where it is uploaded to their account. Form processing works on documents attached to a confirmation email as well as documents downloaded from the Document Center.

There are two main ways to process documents: E-Fax/Email or Allow Public Upload.


Document Processing Type (E-Fax/Email) 

From the dropdown menu, you may indicate how you'd like this document to connect:

  • Per Person: Documents attach to an individual account member.
  • Per Account: Documents attach to an account and can be found on the Primary Contact's biographical page.
  • Imprint Barcode for Processing: To enable Document Processing, you will need to enable Imprint Barcode For Processing. 
  • Form-Fill Binding: If your document is a form-fillable pdf, it is possible to connect a custom online form to print to this pdf. This is done through the creation of a Form Fill Binding. 
    • Form Fill Bindings must be created by an UltraCamp team member, but once this is done, this dropdown menu is used to make sure that attached pdfs pull the data from the completed online form.


Always consult an UltraCamp Support Team Member before changing or adjusting a Form Fill Binding.


  • Expiration Type: A document's expiration status indicates whether it is up to date or not. You may use the Expiration Type dropdown menu to determine when UltraCamp identifies a document as being out of date.
    • A document that Never Expires is always considered complete and up to date once it has been uploaded or processed.
    • A document that Expires each season will be marked out of date or "Incomplete" at the end of the season in which it is uploaded.


Allow Public Upload

  • If this document is something your clients should print out, complete, and then upload to UC for storage and/or reporting, you can set it to Allow Public Upload.
  • This will enable the upload page where clients can select a file from their computer and upload it to the database. UltraCamp will add that file to the Uploads queue for approval by you, at which point it will be saved to the account or individual.
  • Select Allow Public Upload and click Save Document.


Use the Barcode settings in conjunction with the Allow Public Upload function to have UltraCamp pre-identify documents added to the upload queue and speed the approval process.

  • Delete Document / Save Document: Use the buttons at the bottom.

Current Utilization

The Current Utilization section will indicate places where a saved document is attached to a registration item. This will identify if the document is bound to an online form, confirmation master, or individual session confirmation email.

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