Do Not Mail List

By federal law, recipients of marketing emails must be able to opt out of being sent additional marketing emails. The Do Not Email list helps manage individuals who "opt out."    

To review or adjust the Do Not Email List:

    1. Open the Tools menu.
    2. Expand the Correspondence section.
    3. Click the Do Not Email List link.

When someone wishes to no longer receive marketing emails, they will either contact your organization directly or click the link in the marketing email. If they click the email link, UltraCamp is notified and automatically adds them to the Do Not Email List.

Add Emails to Do Not Email List

To remove from Marketing Emails:

    1. Enter their email address in the designated text field.
    2. Click the Add to 'Do Not Email List' button. 

You can add multiple email addresses at once by typing or pasting them, one per line, in the same field before clicking the button.


Email addresses on the Do Not Email list will continue to receive emails regarding reservations, transactions, etc. Only emails designated as Marketing emails will be stopped.


Remove E-mails from Do Not Email List

To remove an email from the Do Not Email list: 

    1. Type the address into the Email to Remove field.
    2. Click the Remove from 'Do Not Email List' button. 

This will allow the designated address to receive marketing emails again.

Current List

UltraCamp will display all email addresses on the Do Not Email list.


To check for a specific email address on the Do Not Email list, use your browser's search function by pressing the Ctrl key and F at the same time. This will bring up your browser's Find field where you can type part or all of the email address.



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