Send an Email

Emailing an Individual

To email the primary contact, navigate to the account you want to communicate with. 

  • Use either the Send an Email Icon under Common Tasks on the Account Detail page, or you can use the icon wherever it is displayed.
  • Additionally, clicking the email address link in various locations will also bring up this tool.



Regular or Advanced Tool

  • By default, the Send and Email tool will walk you through several pages of settings in order to generate your email. Use the Next button to proceed from page to page.
  • To the right of the subsequent page is a checkbox that says Use advanced email tool. Checking this box will display all the sections of the email tool in a single scrolling page.


Send Information

  • Subject Field: Enter the subject line for the email. This is a required field.
  • From field: Select any email address from your list of users or the general camp email address as the email of origin.
  • CC Field: If an email address is entered in the CC field, that email address will receive a copy of the email as well.
  • To line: The primary contact and her/his email will be displayed here.


When should the email be sent?

  • Send Date: This determines when a queued email will actually begin to transmit. If this field is left blank, the queued email will begin to transmit 15 minutes from when you press the Send button. You can set the Send Date to any other time using the calendar and time pickers.
  • Request Read Receipt: The recipient's mail client must have this feature enabled in order for this to function correctly.
  • Emergency: An email can be designated as an emergency email by checking the Emergency box. This bypasses other email processes and queues the message for immediate delivery. This option should only be used for emergency situations.


Email Templates

  • Save as New Template: Email messages can be saved as templates for repeated use using the Save as a new template link. This will bring up a popup window where you can name the template and indicate whether you wish to save its attachments as well. Use the Save Template button to store your template in the database.
  • Load an Email Template: Once a template has been saved it can be edited by selecting it from the Load an Email Template dropdown menu. You can change the content of the template and use the Save link to save your changes. Use the Delete link to remove the template from the database permanently.


Email Content

The creation of the email message takes place in the Email Content section. At the top of this section are Formatting Tools which can be used to help compose your message or even paste it in from an external source. The function of each button can be seen by holding your mouse over it. Below the buttons is a row of dropdown menus for indicating Font Name and Size.

  • Links to UltraCamp: In addition to these formatting options, you can also add Links to UltraCamp to the email. To do this, place your cursor in the composition area below where you want the link to show then select the desired link from the dropdown menu.
  • Personalization Fields: These can be used to tailor the message to individual recipient. Selecting a field from the dropdown menu will place code at your cursor in the composition area. When the email is queued, UltraCamp will replace this code with information from the account or stored group. For example, selecting the personalization "primary_nameFirst" would insert the first name of the primary contact into the recipient's email.
  • Insert Content Here: The message itself is written over the text "Insert content here" below your logo and contact information.
  • Display of Message: At the bottom of the composition area, you can adjust the display of the message from the Design view (the default view) to the HTML view where you can interact with the html directly or to a Preview mode which hides the design markings and isn't editable but offers a look at the email appearance.



Files can be attached to the email from the library of Documents uploaded via the Settings menu, financial Statements, or you can select a file from your computer using the Choose File button.


Previewing and Sending

You can use the Preview button to have UltraCamp generate the email for review. This will also display a summary section where you can edit some of the basic message settings if necessary. Click the View link to look at the email itself.

  • Send Email: Click the Send Email button to queue the email for delivery.


Once you've queued the email, you may review it using the Account Correspondence icon in the Current Account menu or by using the Email Correspondence report in the Reports menu. If the email is still in the queue, it can even be deleted to prevent it from sending.

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