Tasks and Processes

Tasks and Processes are a great way to manage and track actions that an admin or client needs to complete. Tasks can be added to accounts individually or grouped together in a Process. In one sense, Tasks are like items on a checklist. The Process would then be the checklist containing those tasks.




Tasks can be used to track actions that either take place outside of UltraCamp or are not tracked elsewhere within UltraCamp. Examples of common tasks would be: Upload Immunization records, Schedule Interview, Upload Signed Staff Contract, Upload Insurance Card, etc.


Keep in mind that online forms already have a built in tracking and completion monitoring, so tasks would not be used for those. Use tasks for everything except online forms.


To create a Task Template:

    1. Click on Settings and expand System Management.
    2. Click on Task Template.
    3. Select Create New Task Template.
    4. Set up your task settings and Save.

You can learn more about the details of Task Templates here.



You can add any number of tasks and put them in a process. When the process is added to an account, it automatically adds all of its tasks as well.

Processes can also be attached to a session, so it automatically adds to the account or individual that registers for that session.


Creating a Process

To create a process, you must first have created at least one task. Once this is done, you can create the Process and add Tasks to it.

To create a Process:

    1. Click on Settings and expand System Management.
    2. Choose Processes.
    3. Select Create New Process.
    4. Enter a name for the Process and Save.

To Add Tasks to a Process, make sure you are on the Process page and take the following steps:

    1. Click Add a new task.
    2. Select a task from the drop down menu.
    3. Enter Step In Process.
    4. Set up the Due Date calculation using the data field and dropdown menu.
    5. Click  Save.

Repeat these steps for each of the tasks you wish to add to the Process. 


Adding a Process

Processes can be added manually to an individual, reservation or account. Processes can also be assigned to a session so they add automatically. Finally, you can add processes to a stored group.


Assigning a process to a session:

    1. Open the session Editing Wizard for the desired session.
    2. Select My Sessions and click on the edit icon next to the appropriate session.
    3. Expand the Advanced Settings tab.
    4. Check the box next to the processes or processes you want attached to the session.
    5. Click Complete.

Assigning a process to a session will automatically trigger the process and associated tasks to anyone who registers from this time onward. 



Neither the process nor its associated tasks will add to accounts, individuals or registrations that are already registered for the session. For people already registered for a session, you will need to add the process manually or by adding the process to a stored group, as detailed below.


Adding a process to a stored group:

    1. Create a stored group of individuals using a report such as the roster report.
    2. Then go to the Tools menu and click on the Management Section.
    3. Click on Add Process to Stored Group.
    4. Select the stored group that you created and click the Next button.
    5. Select the Process and click Next.
    6. Confirm the due dates (or leave the dates blank to use the default dates that are already in the process).
    7. Click Add Process.

Adding a process to an account, individual or reservation:

    1. Open the desired account.
    2. [Optional] Click on the individual or reservation if you wish to add the process specifically.
    3. Expand the Incomplete Tasks / Forms section.
    4. Click "Add Process."
    5. Select the desired process and click Add.
    6. Follow the prompts to completion.

Setting Document Uploads to Complete Tasks

If a task is set up to require a document upload, the public user can complete the task by uploading the appropriate document. The public user must go to the document center and follow the instructions for the associated document.

    • To set up a task for a document to be uploaded, a placeholder document must be placed in the document center. Usually this is a PDF that contains the steps for the public user to follow to make sure their document is uploaded correctly. 
    • The document must have the same name as the document to be uploaded. For example, if an immunization record should be uploaded, the document center document would be named “Immunization Record Upload” (or something similar). 
    • The document must be set to allow public upload.

Creating a Placeholder Document

To upload a placeholder document:

    1. Go to Settings and select Communication.
    2. Click on Document Management.
    3. Upload a New Document and fill in Document Name.
    4. Select Category or create a new one.
    5. Upload File: choose file to attach.
        • Keep in mind this is a placeholder document; clients will be clicking the upload button next to the document, not on the document itself.
        • File must be available in the Document Center and enabled.


Create a file with directions for uploading and use that as the placeholder document.

    1. Document Processing Type: select Per Person.
    2. Processing Receipt Type to Public: choose receipt type, if any, the public should receive upon upload.
    3. Display Processed Documents to Public: uncheck the box next to if you do not want the public to see the document they upload after it has been processed.
        • Uploaded documents would appear with other online forms on their person/account detail page.
    4. Staff to Notify on Receipt: select who should be notified, if any, when a document is uploaded.
    5. Processed Document Completes Task: select the task that this uploaded document completes.
    6. Form Fill Binding: is not necessary here.
    7. Expiration Type: choose the desired expiration settings for this document.
    8. Allow Public Upload: check box to  "allow public upload".
    9. Save Document.

Testing a Public Side Document Upload 

    1. Once set, you can try uploading a document from a test account on the public side.
    2. Once the document is uploaded, go back to the admin home page. 
    3. Under My Info, expand Unprocessed Forms. A new uploaded document will appear here. 
    4. Click on the most recent item and follow the prompts to process the item.
    5. When this is finished, the document is processed and will therefore complete that task for the individual that uploaded the document.


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  • I didn't find it readily apparent when reading this, so I wanted to drop a note in the event it helps someone else. There is the line under completing tasks that states: If a task is set up to require a document upload, the public user can complete the task by uploading the appropriate document.

    What I couldn't easily find was how to link a task and a document upload. Here's what I found.

    When you create a document upload, there is a drop down under Document Processing that states "Processed Document Completes Task:". Any enabled tasks are listed in the drop down to be chosen. In my order of operations, I created the document first, and so there were not any tasks to choose. 

    Therefore, if you would like for a document upload to complete a task, you must either create the task before you create the document upload, or you must go back to the document after creating the task and modify it to list the newly created task in that section in Document Processing.


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