Parent to Camper eLetters

Retrieve eLetters to Campers

If your organization has enabled eLetters to Campers in the My Settings Wizard, you can report on and print eLetters to attendees.    

To retrieve and print eLetters:

    1. Click on the Extra Services menu and expand the Parent-to-Camper eLetters section.
    2. Click the link to Retrieve eLetters to Campers.
    3. Check the box next to the desired Session.
    4. Make sure the Delivery Status is set to Undelivered.
    5. Set Output to PDF and indicate printout type.
    6. Check the box to Mark as Delivered.
    7. Click the Adobe Acrobat Icon to retrieve the PDF file in My Jobs.

Report Parameters

  • Select Season: You may look for eLetters in a specific Season using the dropdown menu. The season defaults to the current one.
  • Filter Sessions: Using the checkboxes in the Filter Sessions section will narrow your search to eLetters sent to participants enrolled in those sessions specified with a checked box.
  • Email Date: Enter a date range in the Email Date fields to search for eLetters submitted by account holders during a specific time window.
  • Account #: The report can retrieve eLetters for a specific account if you enter the Account # in the field provided.
  • Delivery Status: By default, UltraCamp will search only for eLetters marked as "Undelivered." However, you can report on eLetters with a different Delivery Status using the dropdown menu. You can retrieve Undelivered, Delivered, or All eLetters.
  • Output: Indicate whether you wish the eLetters Output to Screen or to a PDF using the dropdown menu.

PDF Only Output Options:

  • If PDF is selected as the output type, you may choose whether you wish messages to be printed individually on a Full Sheet or on a Half Sheet. Printing to Half Sheet makes printing multiple messages per page easier.
  • When outputting to PDF, check the box to Include eLetter Response Form if you wish to have the attendee respond through our Camper-to-Parent eLetter feature.


Output to Screen

  • Screen: When the selected output is to Screen, you will see a list of all messages that fit the parameters specified. Each message will be listed with the name of the Recipient , the name of the Sender along with the senders email address, the Message Date , Lodging assignment, and a column that indicates whether the message is Delivered or not.
  • Click on the Adobe Acrobat Icon or on the message row (anywhere but the email address) to print an individual message to pdf.
  • Mark Delivered: Clicking on the Mark Delivered button will label all displayed messages as "Delivered" in future reporting.

Output to PDF

  • My Jobs: When the output is set to PDF, you will be redirected to the My Jobs page. UltraCamp will queue a job with your list of pdfs. 
  • Once the job is complete, click the Adobe Acrobat Icon to open the pdf file. Download or print it as desired.

Job Queue

As with other jobs, you can navigate to other pages in UltraCamp and return to the job queue later to access the completed file. 

Jobs can be viewed by:

    1. Clicking on the Report menu
    2. Expand the System / Management 
    3. Click the My Jobs link.

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