Label Maker

UltraCamp can generate a page of labels based on information from your database. Labels are created from a stored group, which allows for a great deal of customization.  Labels will be generated to a PDF file which can be printed or downloaded.

A stored group must be created before you can use the Label Maker.


Create Labels

To create labels:

    1. Go to the Tools menu and click on Correspondence.
    2. Select Label Maker.
    3. Select stored group from dropdown menu.
    4. Select label template from the dropdown menu or enter Avery Code and click Next.
    5. Use the Label Design field to compose your label or select a previously saved Template to design your label.
    6. [Optional] Use the provide fields to:
        • Customize the Left Margin.
        • Indicate the number of labels per record you wish created.
        • Set a Repeat Pattern if creating multiple labels per record.
    7. Click Create Labels.


Depending on the Label template you select, you can do more than just create labels--the Label Maker can be used to create such things as nametags, ID cards, and personalized letters.


Label Design

Use the Label Design field to compose your label. Any text you type in this field will appear on each label. You can also use the following

  • Personalization Fields: To customize each label with unique individual information, you will need to use the Personalization Fields found in the dropdown menu.
    • Place your cursor where you want the personalized information and then select the desired field from the dropdown menu. 
    • UltraCamp will place a set of code at your cursor. When the labels are generated, this code will be replaced with the appropriate personalized data.
    • Remember to put proper punctuation between Personalization Fields!
  • Simple HTML can be used to change the font size, color, etc. of label text. Examples are provided on the Label Maker page as reference.
  • You can save your design to use again later by clicking the link at the top to Save as a new template. 
    • Enter name for the template in the space provided.
    • Click the Save Template button.



When printing labels, be sure that you are printing labels at "Actual Size" and that any sort of "Shrink to Fit" or Page Scaling is off. Otherwise the label text will drift as the labels print and may not even fit on the physical label. If you don't see these settings in your Print Settings for the label, you may need to download the file and open it with Adobe Reader or another pdf reader software.


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