Task Templates

Tasks can be used to track actions that either take place outside of UltraCamp or are not tracked elsewhere within UltraCamp. Tasks help track with the following features:

    • Tasks can be manually added to an account, individual or reservation.
    • Tasks can be tied to a Process and add automatically at Registration.
    • Multiple Tasks can be added at once through a Process.
    • Tasks can be manually marked complete by an admin singly or in bulk.
    • Tasks can be automatically marked complete by the upload of a document to UltraCamp.
    • Tasks can trigger reminder emails to clients based on a due date you specify.

Examples of common tasks would be: Upload Immunization records, Schedule Interview, Upload Signed Staff Contract, Upload Insurance Card, etc.

To create or edit Task Templates, take the following steps:

    1. Click on Settings and expand System Management.
    2. Click on Task Template.
    3. Select Create New Task Template or click one of the existing templates to edit it.


Task Template Settings

The settings for a Task Template will determine how it behaves when added to an account, individual or reservation.

Task Name

    • Identifies the task for reporting.
    • Visible to public if the template is set to be visible to public.


    • Optional
    • Visible to public if the template is set to be visible to public.
    • Can contain instructions for clients if visible to public.
    • Will show in Task Reminder Emails.

Assigned To

    • Optional.
    • Determines how the Task Template will attach.
    • Can be set to Accounts, Individuals, Reservations, or Retreat Reservations.

User Responsible

    • Task Templates that are assigned to an admin will show in their homepage feed.
    • Unassigned Task Templates can still be reported on via the Tasks report.

Prevent Duplicates

    • Prevents more than one task per season with identical properties from being created.

Visible to Public

    • Tasks set to be visible to the public can be seen when a client logs into their account.
    • Tasks set to be visible to the public can trigger automated Task Reminder Emails.
    • Incomplete tasks that are visible to public will show an alert to clients.


Task Reminder Emails

Task Reminder Emails will send automatically if a Task Template is set to be visible to the public.

    • Each task can have have up to three automated reminder emails. 
    • Reminder emails are sent based on the Due Date you set for the individual task.
    • Completed tasks will NOT trigger a reminder email (only those who have not completed the task will get the reminder email).
    • Reminder Emails can use UltraCamp's default email or an email template of your own design.


If made active, the due date of a task can trigger a Task Reminder Email. This email can be a custom message or you can use UltraCamp's default Task Reminder Email. Below you will find the text for the default reminder email.


Default Task Reminder Email

The default Task Reminder Email will follow the pattern below:


[Send Date]

[Your Logo Appears Here]

[Your Organization]

[Your Address]

[Your Phone Number]

[Your Fax Number]

This is a friendly reminder that the following task has not yet been completed.

[Task Title]

[Name of the person the task is assigned to]

The due date for this task is [Due Date].

If you have questions, please contact [Your Organization] at [Your Phone Number] or via email at [Organization Email].

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