Task Templates

How Task Templates Work

  • Task Templates are used to track events which are not part of the registration process. 
  • They can be manually added or automatically added by the completion of a reservation.
  • Once added to an account, they can trigger reminder emails, be manually marked complete, or be automatically marked complete by the submission of a document.


The due date of a task can trigger a Task Reminder Email. This email can be a custom message or you can use UltraCamp's default Task Reminder Email. Below you will find the text for the default reminder email.


View Default Task Reminder Email

Email Template Breakdown

[Send Date]

[Your Logo Appears Here]

[Your Organization]

[Your Address]

[Your Phone Number]

[Your Fax Number]

This is a friendly reminder that the following task has not yet been completed.

[Task Title]

[Name of the person the task is assigned to]

The due date for this task is [Due Date].

If you have questions, please contact [Your Organization] at [Your Phone Number] or via email at [Organization Email].

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