Session Prerequisites

Prerequisites can be used to restrict who can register for a specific session. If someone selects a session with a prerequisite but does not mean its requirements, they will not be able to complete the registration. This advanced setting is managed in the Session Editing wizard.


Creating a Prerequisite

To create a prerequisite, take the following steps:

    1. Open the Session Editing wizard for the desired session.
    2. Proceed to the Prerequisites page in the Advanced Settings section of the wizard.
    3. Click the Add a New Prerequisite link.
    4. Follow the prompts to create the prerequisite.


Prerequisite Settings

There are several ways to customize a prerequisite. The following prompts will be shown and determine how the prerequisite behaves: 

  • If this prerequisite is met, should all other prerequisites for this item be disregarded?
    • Select No if you are planning on using multiple prerequisites for this session and someone must meet them all in order to be eligible. Otherwise, select Yes.    
  • Indicate if this prerequisite is a Template or Scheduled Item.
    • Choose Scheduled Item if a specific Session, Option, or Activity will determine eligibility.
    • Choose Master if any item scheduled from a designated template will qualify (this is broader and can reach across seasons).
  • Select if this prerequisite is a Session, Option or Activity.
    • Choose Session, Option, or Activity as appropriate. 

Depending on your selections, you'll be prompted to choose the specific item or items that determine eligibility (starting with the season if you've chosen a Scheduled Item).

  • Custom Message
    • UltraCamp will automatically display an ineligibility message for those who don't qualify. It will identify the missing prerequisite and include a link to register for that item.
    • Entering a Custom Message will replace the default message text.
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