Seasonal Fees: Templates and Scheduling

A Seasonal Fee is a fee added to an account or individual only once per season. Seasonal Fees are commonly used to assess one-time registration fees, application fees, etc. They are triggered automatically by a reservation or added manually.


Seasonal Fee Template

A Seasonal Fee Template controls the settings for a give seasonal fee, including the dollar amount and how it assigns on the account. Once a template is created, it still must be connected to a session in order for it to work.    

To create a Seasonal Fee Template:

    1. Go to the Settings menu and expand Fees / Payments.
    2. Select Seasonal Fee Templates.


Seasonal Fee Template Settings

  • Fee Name: This identifies the fee on the admin side and will display to the client as well.
  • Fee Type: A seasonal fee can be triggered to add once Per Account per season when one or more reservations are made or it can be triggered to add once Per Person per season when one or more reservations are made. Indicate which behavior you wish to occur using the Fee Type dropdown menu.
  • Amount: In the provided field, indicate the Amount the fee will charge when triggered.
  • Allocation Account: Monies collected for a Seasonal Fee can be assigned to a specific Allocation Account if desired by selecting that account from the dropdown menu.
  • Click the Save Fee button to upload your changes to the database.


Scheduling Seasonal Fees  

In order for a Seasonal Fee to trigger, it must be assigned to on or more sessions.    

To schedule a seasonal fee:

    1. Go to the Scheduling menu and then Finances
    2. Click on Seasonal Fees.
    3. Select Season, by default, the current season will display.
    4. Select Location.
    5. Select Seasonal Fee.
    6. Click Load.
    7. Click the checkbox to the left of any session that could trigger the seasonal fee.
    8. Click the Save Modifications button to upload your changes to the database.
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