Payment Plans

Payment plans allow the automatic collection of funds via credit card or ACH on a predefined schedule. Once created, a payment plan may then be scheduled for each session for which the payment plan should be available.


Payment Plan Templates

A Payment Plan template must first be created before it can be scheduled.

To create a Payment Plan Template:

    1. Go to Settings.
    2. Expand the Fees / Payment menu.
    3. Click on Payment Plan Templates.


Basic Information

  • Name: If you have a large number of payment plans, it may be helpful to use a name that describes the type of payment such as "6 Month Plan or 25% down".
  • Plan type: The session plan is based on the session balance. The account plan is based on the account balance. 
  • Fee for using plan: This is only available for the Session Plan. 
  • Allocation Account: When a credit is added to an account, UltraCamp must assign this credit to the fees on the account.
  • Permitted Payment Types: Select the accepted types of payments.
  • Editable by Public:  When checked, the public can delete scheduled credit card payments.
  • Visible by Public: Checked by default, the Payment Plans will be visible on the public side.
  • Use Last Paid-in-full Due Date: Based on the account, this will use the paid-in-fill due date from the last session in the cart to the calculate when monthly payments are due.

Click Save Plan before selecting Payment Plan Schedule.


Payment Plan Schedule

  • Add a new breakpoint: Create a schedule for the payment plan by adding a payment plan member for each date on which funds should be collected.


Scheduling Payment Plans

Once a Payment Plan template has been created, it can be scheduled for a session.

To schedule a Payment Plan:

    1. Click on Scheduling and expand Finances.
    2. Select Payment Plans.
    3. Select the season, location and payment plans from the dropdown menus.
    4. Click Load.
    5. Select the appropriate sessions and enter optional dates.



Declined Scheduled Payments

  • When a payment is declined, the system will keep attempting payments on the payment account in the future, even if the initial payment fully failed.
  • Admins will need to contact the cardholder and let them know they need to update their payment information for the payment plan to work.


Scheduled payments that fail will be flagged on the Finance Detail page.

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  • How do I run a report that shows which accounts selected a payment plan?

  • UltraCamp doesn't have a direct report for searching out accounts that have selected payment plans. However, payment plans create scheduled payments, and you will find our Scheduled Payments report here: Or you can go to the Reports menu > Financial Reports > Scheduled Payments. This will return a list of all scheduled payments, including those who have been created via a Payment Plan. 

    If you have more specific questions, please don't hesitate to contact our help team.


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