Testing Your Registration Process

Testing your registration process is a very important part of making sure your sessions are set up properly. UltraCamp provides you with several features to help you test your registration:

    • A pre-generated test account.
    • The ability to view registration from your clients' perspective.
    • The ability to impersonate a different registration date.

When these features are combined, you will be able to see exactly what your clients will see during registration, even for sessions that aren't yet open for public registration. 


How to Test from the Public View

Testing from the perspective of one of your clients is the best way to verify your registration process.

To run a public test, take the following steps:

    1. Open a Test Account.
    2. Click the users5.png Public View icon.
    3. Click Register next to a person in the account.

UltraCamp will display all sessions currently available to this individual. You can now proceed through the registration process for any of these sessions.


Testing Before Registration is Open

If a session isn't open yet for registration, you can use the impersonate date function to test the process anyway. With Impersonate Date, you can preview what registration will look like on any date in the future or past. 

Take these steps to impersonate a date and test your registration process for that date:

    1. Open a Test Account.
    2. Click the users5.png Public View icon.
    3. Click Register next to a person in the account.
    4. On the page to select sessions, click Filters.
    5. In the Filter Sessions menu, expand the Impersonate Date section.
    6. Enter a date and time (usually that falls within your Registration Date range).
    7. Click Filter at the bottom of the Filter Sessions menu.

UltraCamp will display all sessions available to this individual on the date and time specified. You can now proceed through the registration process for any of the displayed sessions.


Testing from the Session Dashboard (BETA)

In UltraCamp's new BETA interface, you can test registration directly from the Session Dashboard. This is a quick and easy way to test your registration process.

To test from the dashboard, take the following steps in UC BETA:

    1. Click Sessions.
    2. Click the name of the session.
    3. On the Session Dashboard, click Test Registration.
    4. Choose what to test (the individual session or all sessions).
    5. [Optional] Adjust the Impersonate Date.
    6. Select the individual you would like to use for the test.
    7. Click the Test button.

You will now be taken through the registration process using these selections. If you chose to test all sessions in step 4, you will be prompted to chose a session first. 


Testing FAQ's

Why isn't my session showing up?

UltraCamp only displays sessions that are available on the specified date. If the Registration Dates and the date you are registering on (or impersonating) align, there must be another setting preventing eligibility. Here are some settings on your session that can prevent eligibility. 

    • Visible to Public
    • Capacity limits
    • Grade or Age restrictions
    • Session Begin and End Dates
    • Registration Begin and End Dates


One way to determine why a session isn't displaying is to make the reservation on the admin side.

  • On the page where you choose a session, uncheck the box to Display Eligible Sessions Only.

UltraCamp will then display all sessions. Ineligible sessions will be highlighted in a different color.

  • Click the + icon to the left of a highlighted session to see why it is not available.


Why isn't my early registration discount / option / late fee showing up in the cart?

The impersonate date function has some limitations in its reach. It doesn't always adjust for items within a session that have date range restrictions. This is true for:

    • Discounts.
    • Options.
    • Add-on Fees.
    • Multi-session Pricing Structures.


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