Mail-in Payments

Your organization can permit clients to complete registration by promising to submit payment by mail. UltraCamp's Mail-in Payment features let you give clients custom instructions for submitting those payments, as well as track and record them on the account.


Enable and Customize Mail-in Payments

    1. From the Settings menu, click on System / Management
    2. Select My Settings, this will launch the My Settings Wizard
    3. Expand Client Payments (left side) and click on Mail-in Payments 
      • Here you can toggle Mail-in Payments on or off.
    4. To customize directions, click on Mail-in Payment Setup
      • Here you can add or edit the instructional text if you have enabled Mail-in Payments.

FAQ about Mail-In Payments

How do I track who has chosen to mail in a payment?

    1. Go to the Reports menu
    2. Expand Financial and select Anticipated Payments report to search by date of entry, amount or even how many days it has been since they promised to send the money.

How do I record a Mail-in Payment that I have received?

Use the Make a Payment button on the individual's account to record a Check Payment. You can learn more about this in our article about recording Check and Cash Payments.

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