Credit Card Surcharging

It is possible to add a percentage-based surcharge on to all credit card transactions (debit cards are exempt from surcharging) if surcharging is legal in your state.

If You Choose to Surcharge

For those who would like to offer surcharges, these are the limitations:

  1. Surcharges have been and will continue to be illegal in 2 states and one US Territory:
    • Connecticut
    • Massachusetts
    • Puerto Rico

Clients operating in those locations cannot surcharge.

  1. Debit cards must be exempted from surcharges. UltraCamp automatically checks the BIN data of every card that goes through our system and exempts Debit cards from surcharges.
  2. If you surcharge, you surcharge for all credit cards that you accept. You cannot pick and choose the cards you want to surcharge. The accepted credit card types in UltraCamp that you can use are Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.
  3. The maximum amount that you can surcharge is 4% (2% in Colorado).
  4. Clients must notify Mastercard that they intend to surcharge at least 30 days in advance of starting to surcharge. This is your obligation to complete on your own, UltraCamp cannot register for you. The link is:


No registration is necessary for Discover, American Express, or Visa.


How to Enable in UltraCamp

  1. Submit a support ticket request
  2. One of our support team members will verify your request and send you the required paperwork via DocuSign.
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