Grade Collection and Promotion

UltraCamp can collect grade information about an individual and promote them automatically to the next level at a designated month in the year. This grade level can be used to determine eligibility for programs, activities, and options.


Grade Promotion

On the first day of the specified month, UltraCamp will automatically promote an individual to the next grade level. Choosing this month is important if eligibility for your programs is based on grade.

  • If eligibility is based on the grade a child just completed or is in currently, the promotion month should be AFTER the session ends
  • If eligibility is based on the grade a child is going into, the promotion should be BEFORE the session starts.


Examples of Grade Setup

  • Example A: Ruff Writing Camp starts their program mid-June and runs through August. A camper is placed based on the grade they just finished in the previous school year. The grade promotion month should be set to September for Ruff Writing Camp.
  • Example B: Bird Camp runs July through most of August. Each week is restricted to a particular grade range based on the child's grade in the Fall. The grade promotion month for Bird Camp could be either June or July.
  • Example C: Graham Jones School runs a summer STEM program starting in June in addition to aftercare and extended learning during the school year. Eligibility for their summer STEM program is based on the grade the child is going into in the Fall, but their school-year program is based on the grade the child is actually in. The grade promotion month should be set to June for Graham Jones School.


Grade Collection FAQ

Can I add new grade levels or change the terminology from the default Kindergarten through College?

Yes. By entering a ticket, you can request the addition of new grade levels below grade 13. You can also request that the default grade terminology be changed. A common request is the addition of a Pre-K below Kindergarten. Just be sure to provide detailed specifics in your ticket regarding what you want added or changed.


Can I change the default question from "Grade Entering in Fall of [Current Year]"?

No. It is important that parents answer this question as it is written in order for the calculation for promotion and eligibility to function properly.


Why is the Grade Level different on a child's biographical information than it is on this report?

The biographical page on an account always shows the current grade. Reports in UltraCamp can show the current grade or the grade a child is in during the selected session or date range, depending on the report. Check your report details to see which grade is being displayed.

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