Account Roles

There are two critical Account Roles in UltraCamp:

  • Primary Contact
  • Secondary Contact

Additional roles can be added, but they will only find function in reporting and identification and are therefore optional.

The Primary Contact is considered the main account holder. Their contact information will be the default for the account, and all account correspondence will be directed to their information. Their name will display as the signature on all electronically signed forms. They will automatically be listed as an authorized pickup.

The Secondary Contact can be cc'd on all account correspondence and can be listed as an authorized pickup, but these must be opted into. Your organization may allow the Secondary Contact to reset the account login information, but this is optional.


Optional Account Roles

Some organizations find additional labels useful. For example, the labels "parent" or "guardian" might clarify who the Primary Contact is in relation to the children on the account. When adding additional Account Roles, consider whether this role should be select-able only by Adults or only by Children. Here are some example optional Account Roles:

  • Parent - should be visible only to Adults on the account
  • Sibling of Child with Diagnosis - typically only visible to Children on the account
  • Alumni - typically visible to Everyone


Managing Account Roles

    1. To edit or add Account Roles, go to the Settings menu
    2. Expand System / Management and select My Settings.
    3. In the wizard, proceed to the About My Clients section.
    4. The Account Creation? and Account Roles pages are both places to adjust the account roles and permissions.
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