Gender Collection

UltraCamp can collect Gender information about individuals. In addition to reporting, gender is used to determine capacity and eligibility for sessions, lodging, activities, and waiting lists.

Gender Expressions allow your organization to customize how individuals identify themselves. Because of the integral way gender figures into lodging and capacity, these Gender Expressions do tie back to one of the binary genders for lodging and capacity purposes. However, these binary identifiers are only visible on the administrative side of UltraCamp--Gender Expressions are what clients will see throughout their interactions with their account.

Capacity is based on a binary gender, Male and Female, which can be used to limit availability based on your staff and facility needs.


How to Customize Gender Collection:

    1. To add or edit Gender Expressions, go to the Settings menu
    2. Expand System / Management  and select Gender Expressions.


Here you can modify or create new Gender Expressions.

  • The Name is what clients will see in their accounts when they identify their gender.
  • The Short Name will appear as an abbreviation (primarily in reporting)
  • The Binary Gender Mapping ties the Expression to the capacities in UltraCamp--session, activity, and lodging
  • The Binary Gender Action when Selected identifies UltraCamp's reaction to selecting this Gender Expression
  • UltraCamp will display Gender Expressions in alpha-numeric order unless you override this with a Sort Order.


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