Session Template Overview (UC Classic)

Session Templates in UltraCamp function as starting points for all sessions you will schedule from season to season. Our favorite analogy is a stencil. It has an outline and a shape, but no details. Use the template as an outline, then fill in your details in the Session Editing Wizard. Your session comes to life when you schedule it.


To create a Session Template in UltraCamp's Classic view:

    1. Click on the Settings Menu.
    2. Expand Session Templates.
    3. Select Session Templates.


Key Terms

Fixed Settings

  • Determined on the template only. 
  • Designated by a lightning bolt.
  • Settings remain true on every item scheduled from this template.

Flexible Settings

  • Adjusted and customized as needed in each separately scheduled program.

More Details

To learn more about the details of Session Templates, you might check out our other articles:

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