Client Limits

Setting Capacity Numbers

A capacity can be set so that you don’t overbook a particular event/session. Capacity numbers are set in the Session Master.

To set Capacity Numbers:

    1. Go to Settings menu.
    2. Expand Session Templates section.
    3. Click on Session Templates.
    4. Create a New Session Template or edit an existing template using the edit icon to the right of the desired template.
    5. Once in the wizard, you may need to click the "Begin" button in order to proceed to this page.*  Otherwise, you will be taken there directly.
      *Note: if you previously clicked "Do not display this page to me again", you will not see that page.
    6. In the left menu, click on Client Limits.

Maximum Total Individual

The Maximum Total Individuals is your maximum capacity for attendees. 

  • You can break this down further by gender if needed. 
  • If there are not gender limits, set these numbers to be equal to your Maximum Total Individuals.


Session Waiting List

Sessions that have reached capacity (either a gender or total reservation capacity) can automatically enable a Waiting List. 

  • Waiting lists maintain the order of individuals who sign up for the waiting list and can even guide clients to and through the registration process if space becomes available. 
  • UltraCamp can use a Session Waiting List to automatically manage a waiting list for each distinct event/session. 
  • Clients who sign up for a wait list have their positions held until space becomes available.
  • Once a space opens up, an email can be sent to the client prompting them to log in and complete their reservation.
  • UltraCamp can hold a waiting list space for a specified number of days. That also can be set as a default on the Master Template. Once this time expires, the spot will be passed on to the next person on the waiting list, and they will receive an email prompting them to log in and complete their reservation.


Waiting List Email Prompt 

UltraCamp's script to send the emails doesn't run immediately on capacity change unless the "Perform Waiting List Check" box is checked. There are a number of reasons for this, including people wanting time to contact parents individually and not overloading our servers with too many script requests.

Instead, a system-wide check is preformed around 7 a.m., and emails are queued when space is available and the session is set to notify families

If you wish the notification and check to be performed at another time,

  • Check the box to "Perform Waiting List Check:" and click the Complete button.
  • UltraCamp will then initiate the aforementioned process.
  • This can be done on the Capacity page in the Session Editing wizard for an individual session or via the Bulk Updates Tool.


Example: Default Email Message


[Your header]

Space has become available in [Session Name and Dates] for [Individual Name]. To begin the registration process, click here, or simply login your account and register for the event.

Please contact the camp at [your phone number] or [your email address] if you have any questions.



While UltraCamp’s default message contains all necessary information, you can set up your own template in the Email tool and send that message instead.


Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings section allows you to further customize your Client Limits. Some of these settings will only display depending on whether your template is set to be an Individual type reservation or a Group type reservation on the Basic Settings for the template.

Both types of templates will let you determine how much information about the number of spaces available to clients:

    • By default ,UltraCamp will only show whether space is available or not ("OnlyAvailable").
    • Select the Detailed Availability if you want UltraCamp to show the breakdown of Male, Female, and Total capacity limits.
    • Select the None setting if you don't want UltraCamp to display any information about availability.

Advanced Settings for Group Type Reservation

On group-based session templates, you can use additional options within the Advanced Settings to set unique reservation requirements. These settings are all optional.

    • Use the Minimum and Maximum Group Size settings to put limits on how many individuals must be in a reservation.
    • The Required Adult/Child Ratio can be set to make certain that supervision or safety requirements are met. 
    • The Minimum and Maximum number of adults per reservation can also be used to determine how many adults must be part of a reservation.
    • The Minimum number of children per reservation can be used to specify how many children are necessary to make a reservation for this session.



For family programs, we recommend setting the Minimum number of Adults to 1 to prevent parents from accidentally (or otherwise) sending just their children to your event.

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