Reservation Communication

This allows you to control notifications sent to your organization and those sent to your clients.

To set Reservation Communication:

    1. Go to Settings menu.
    2. Expand Session Templates section.
    3. Click on Session Templates.
    4. Create a New Session Template or edit an existing template using the edit icon to the right of the desired template.
    5. Once in the wizard, you may need to click the "Begin" button in order to proceed to this page.*  Otherwise, you will be taken there directly.
      *Note: if you previously clicked "Do not display this page to me again", you will not see that page.
    6. In the left menu, click on Reservation Communication.


Notifications to Staff

Determine which users receive which notifications for reservation activity. When reservation events occur, they can trigger a notification email to be sent to one of your staff. 

  • Notifications can be triggered for new reservations, reservation modifications, and the cancellation of a reservation.
  • Users are created and edited in the Settings menu > System Management > Users.

Select your designated user or users by:

    1. Click the Add / Edit contacts link.
    2. Check the box next to the appropriate user name in the resulting popup.
    3. Click the Save button to upload your changes to the database.


Confirmation Settings

A Confirmation email can also be sent to the client upon successful completion of the registration process. A Confirmation email can be set up either on an individual session basis or for all sessions scheduled from this template.

  • To connect a Confirmation Master to this template, select the desired master from the dropdown menu.
  • To enable customizable, session-based confirmations, check the box to Automatically Send Email Confirmations to Clients and leave the Confirmation Master menu set to “Do not use a Confirmation Master.” 
  • You can then type default message text for the Confirmation E-mail in the appropriate field. 
  • If you decide to attach a PDF Confirmation to the email, you can add default text to the pdf here as well.


Create a Confirmation Master

    1. Go to Settings menu.
    2. Expand the Communication menu.
    3. Click on Confirmation Templates.


Confirmation Masters are a great time saver if you are using general confirmation message text and attachments for your programs.

Additional settings are available on the Confirmation Master or within the individual session. You can set up attachments, custom subject lines, From addresses, and more.


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