Age Restrictions

A session can be restricted by age or grade depending on the Session Master template settings.

To set Age or Grade Restrictions:

    1. Go to Settings menu.
    2. Expand Session Templates section.
    3. Click on Session Templates.
    4. Create a New Session Template or edit an existing template using the edit icon to the right of the desired template.
    5. Once in the wizard, you may need to click the "Begin" button in order to proceed to this page.*  Otherwise, you will be taken there directly.
      *Note: if you previously clicked "Do not display this page to me again", you will not see that page.
    6. In the left menu, click on Age Restrictions

Restricting a Session by Age

  • Age Based Sessions have a minimum and maximum age limit.
  • Limits are set on the master but can be amended on a session by session basis.
  • UltraCamp will display these age limits on the public side, and only eligible individuals will be able to register for age-restricted programs.
  • Eligibility is normally determined based on the age of the registrant on the session Start Date, however the calculation can be adjusted for any given session.
  • A grace period can also be set (in months) to allow people to register who do not fit exactly the displayed restrictions.


Restricting a Session by Grade

  • A session can be restricted by age or grade depending on the Session Master template settings.
  • Grade based sessions check for eligibility based on the attendee’s grade at the start of the session—not necessarily the current grade on the account.
  • Grade restrictions can be set to any grade from Pre-K through College.
  • An additional grade setting is “Not in School” which can indicate anyone outside the Pre-K to College parameters.


Overriding Age and Grade Restrictions for Adult Registrants    

  • For events where age or grade is restricted but adults can attend, you can check the box to allow anyone designated as an adult to register for this session.


Unlike the other settings on the Age Restrictions page, this is a fixed setting for all sessions scheduled from this template.


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