Setting Up a Template - Basic Settings

Session Templates are the core building block of registration. 

You can create and manage Session Templates in both UltraCamp Classic and in the Beta version of UltraCamp, although there are some differences:

  • UltraCamp Classic can take advantage of Page Order Templates.
  • UltraCamp Classic can attach Confirmation Templates to a Session Template.
  • UltraCamp Beta lets you review which sessions have been created with a specific Session Template.

You can use either or both views to set up your templates.




To access the Session Template Wizard in UC Classic:

    1. Go to Settings menu.
    2. Expand Session Templates section.
    3. Click on Session Templates.
    4. Create a New Session Template or edit an existing template using the edit icon to the right of the desired template.

The Basic Settings Page - UC Classic's Session Template Wizard

In the Session Template Wizard, start with the Basic Settings page. This contains the minimum data required to create a template. Once this page is completed, a template will be saved.



If you previously clicked "Do not display this page to me again", you will not see that page.



Session Name

    • Every session template must have a name. 
    • The Session Name is a flexible setting. 
    • It functions as a default when scheduling a session which can be adjusted during the Scheduling Process.


Registration Type

  • This determines whether a single reservation accommodates one individual or multiple attendees. 


Registration type is a fixed setting and may not be changed once sessions are scheduled from this template.

    • Individual-based templates are the most common. Under this scenario a separate reservation is made for each attendee. Individual-based sessions offer the most flexibility in collecting information for and about an individual.
    • Group-based are for sessions that enroll multiple people within a single reservation. Common examples would be a "Family Camp" or a "Mother / Daughter Weekend."


Session Category

  • Session Categories are used to group scheduled events under a particular heading. This can be very helpful to your clients, making your sessions visually organized and easy to view. 
    • This is a fixed setting
    • All events scheduled from this Session Template will share the same category. 
    • This is an optional field.
  • To create a Session Category:
    • Click on Settings menu
    • Go to Session Templates
    • Select Session Categories.
  • Sessions are grouped in the following order:
      1. Location
      2. Session Category
      3. Session Subcategory 1
      4. Session Subcategory 2



Only Session Category is set in the Session Template. All others are determined during the Scheduling process.


Session Description

    • Session Description text can be entered on the Template.
    • Descriptions will show to the public if they indicate they want to learn more detailed information about the session/event you are offering and on the Session Information page.
    • Session Name, Dates, Age/Grade restrictions, and Cost are automatically displayed.
    • Additional information such as discounts, activities, and options may also be displayed on the Session Information page.


Your clients may access this page if they click on the Session Name in the Summary of Sessions or the Info link on the Select Sessions page.



    • A Photo can be attached to the Session Template. This photo will display on the Session Information page or when clients click the Info while registering. 
    • This is an optional setting but it is also a fixed setting so the same photo will be used for all sessions scheduled from this Template.
    • Use the Complete button to save your changes and proceed to the next page.

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