Adding a Multiweek Discount

In order for Multiweek Discounts to calculate and add automatically to reservations, they must be added to one or more sessions.

To find where to add a Multiweek Discount:

  1. Go to the Scheduling menu 
  2. Expand Discounts 
  3. Click on Multi-Week / Sibling Discounts


Schedule a Multi-week Discount

To schedule a Multiweek Discount, take the following steps:

  1. In the Select Season dropdown menu, make certain the correct upcoming season is showing.
  2. From the Select Locations dropdown menu, choose a specific location or All Locations.
  3. Choose the desired simple discount from the Select Discount Template dropdown menu.
  4. Click the Load 
  5. In the list of sessions, check the box to the left of each session to which you wish to add the discount
  6. (Optional) Change the default amount to the right of a session in the Amount 
  7. (Optional) Select the beginning and ending date range for when the discount will be applied.
      • Reservations made  within that date range will have the discount applied. 
      • Reservations made outside of the date range will not have the discount applied.
      • If no date range is selected, the discount will apply for any reservations made for that session.
  1. Click the Save Discounts button to save your changes.

  Be Aware!

If you uncheck the box for a session where this discounted had already been added, you could delete this discount from existing reservations and change balances!


Watch Video: Scheduling a Multi-week Discount 

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