Adding a Membership Discount

Membership Discounts are automatically added based on the selection of a specific membership item.

To find where to add a membership discount:

  1. Open the Scheduling Menu and Expand the Discounts section
  2. Select Membership Discounts


Create and Add a Membership Discount

To make a Membership Discount, take the following steps

  1. Select a Location
  2. Select the Member Group Item that will trigger the discount
  3. Click the Load button
  4. Check the box to the left of each session that should have the discount
  5. Enter the discount value in the Amount field to the right of the selected session
  6. [Optional] Uncheck the box to hide this discount from the Public
  7. [Optional for Group Reservations] Uncheck the Per Person box if you want this discount only given once on group reservations
  8. Click the Add Discounts box



If you want to use Membership Discounts, it's a good idea to make sure that you've added the appropriate Membership Question to your session(s). This is done in the Additional Information section of the Session Editing Wizard.


Watch Video: Adding a Membership Discount 

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