Customizing the Public Interface

Customize This Page

The language on each page on the Public site can be customized to fit your company's terminology. 

To customize page language:

      1. On the pubic site, navigate to the page you want to customize 
      2. Click on side menu  Customizing-the-public-interface.png
      3. Select Customize This Page 
      4. You'll be taken to the Admin side, where you can view the available options
      5. Enter a new label in the custom value field and click Save

You can also select different pages on the Admin side by clicking on the dropdown menu next to Page



If you would like to customize the main navigation menus, you'll need to submit a support ticket.


Customize Public Side Theme

The theme controls the overall visual look of the public site. By adding your logo and custom colors, 

    • To customization the theme:
      1. Login into UltraCamp
      2. Select Public View
      3. Click on side menu 
      4. Select Customize Theme 
      5. After uploading logo, banners and customizing colorsclick Save



Your logo can appear in different parts of UltraCamp. 

  • The public site, where your clients register, will display your logo if you do not have a custom banner. 
  • Email correspondence and confirmations also include your logo as part of the message. 
  • Acceptable file formats include: GIF, JPG (JPEG), PNG


For logos that have transparent areas, save as a PNG file.



  • PNG files can support transparency. JPG (JPEG) files do not support transparency and will have a background.



Banner Sizes

  • Desktop Banner size: 2000px x 250px 
    • If no banner is uploaded, UltraCamp will use your logo

  • Mobile Banner size: 750px x 100px 
    • If no mobile banner is uploaded, the Desktop Banner or Logo be used. These will scale to display on a mobile device.


If the banner images are not changing after uploading and saving, make sure to clear your browser cache and cookies.


Custom Colors

You can keep the default colors or select ones that better match your brand.

    1. Click on the color bars 
    2. Select the new color from the color picker*
    3. Choose from preselected colors or click on additional options to enter the HEX Color # or RGB values

Test for Accessibility: When customizing colors make sure to consider accessibility for color blindness. Chrome has several extensions to that you can use to preview your page: Colorblindly and RGBlind.

*Color pickers may look different depending on your platform (PC/Mac) and/or web browser.


  Tip is a great resource for finding RGB values or HEX Color #. Use 'Extract Theme' to create a color palette from an image or your logo.

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