• Legacy Account ID: ID provided by organization to group individuals into the same account. An example of individuals who belong in the same account together would be immediate family members.
  • Legacy Person ID: Unique ID provided by organization that is assigned to each person being imported.  
  • idAccount: Account ID number assigned by UltraCamp to the account when the import takes place.
  • idPerson: Unique ID number assigned by UltraCamp to each person being imported.
  • Primary Contact/Parent 1: Main individual on the account who manages the account.
  • Secondary Contact/Parent 2: Second adult on the account. Usually the other parent or guardian for the family.
  • Child/Participant: Any individual who is not the primary or secondary on the account. Usually the children of the family.


Step 1: Prepare your data for import

The first and most crucial step in the process is to prepare your data for import. A data set laid out in an organized manner will make the import process faster and more accurate. 

  • Laying your data out in the manner described below for the bio import will go a long way to make the other imports run smoothly. 
  • Separate files for each import are better than one massive file. 

Each import section below will have directions and an example on how to lay out the data for importing.


Step 2: Bio import

The bio import is the first and most important. This sets the foundation for all other imports. In the bio import you will be taking all the individuals and placing them along with all their bio data in UltraCamp accounts. 

  • Key aspects of this import are the Legacy Account ID and the Legacy Person ID.
  • Row 4 is an example of an account that has no campers. Leave columns blank if there is no data for that person.


Both ID's are important, but the Legacy Person ID is the most important. Without the Legacy Person ID, we will not be able to perform other imports. If you do not have a Legacy Account ID, we can match people based on address and/or last name.

View Import example of column headings.

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Step 3: Other imports

Examples of Reservation and Donation Import are available below. Import examples for Online Form, Retreat Reservation, and Membership are available by request.


View Reservation Import Example

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View Donation Import Example



Links below are the examples above as excel files so you can use these as templates for your import.

Bio Import

Reservation Import

Donation Import

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