Gender Expressions

By default, UltraCamp presents two binary genders when an individual is added to an account. Through Gender Expression, this binary list can be adjusted and expanded. This affects what a client sees on the public side as well as reporting and display on the administrative side of UltraCamp.

To adjust the Gender Expression list:

    1. Go to the Settings menu
    2. Expand System / Management 
    3. Click Gender Expressions


Gender Expressions

Gender Expressions permit the addition to and editing of gender in the biographical information of an individual. However, lodging and capacity are still coded in a binary fashion throughout UltraCamp. By default, these two gender expressions are displayed as Female and Male (although they can be edited).


Create a New Gender Expression

    1. Enter Name: When creating a new gender expression, you'll need to first enter a Name that will appear to your clients in the gender dropdown menu as well as your reporting.

    2. Enter Short Name: (optional) Enter to replace the name in reports and on the Individual and Account Detail pages.

    3. Binary Gender Mapping: Because UltraCamp can determine capacity and lodging assignment limits based on a binary gender, each newly created
      • Gender Expression must be linked to one of the two default binary genders. 
      • This Binary Gender Mapping enables the use of capacity limits and lodging assignments. It can be reported on and will display in parentheses on the admin side but will not be visible to the public.

    4. Binary Gender Action when Selected: When a Gender Expression is selected, UltraCamp will perform one of three actions regarding the default binary genders:

A. Changed to the Mapped Gender: (Default behavior) 

        • When this option is selected, UltraCamp will identify the individual with both the Gender Expression and the binary gender listed in the Binary Gender Mapping selected above. 
        • The Binary Gender mapping is NOT visible to the client.

B. Leave Assigned Gender Unchanged:

        • When this option is selected at account creation, whatever previously assigned binary gender has been selected will be retained, regardless of the Binary Gender Mapping selection. 
        • If this is the first time a client has selected Gender, the Binary Gender Mapping will be used.

C. Pend for Review: 

        • When this option is selected, the individual's binary gender will be flagged in our Gender Expression Review report (reports>biographical>gender expressions). 
        • Here, admins will be able to administratively identify the appropriate binary gender for lodging and capacity. Until the review is completed, the mapped binary gender above will be used.
        • By default, UltraCamp will display Gender Expression options in alpha-numerical order from top to bottom in the dropdown menu. You can override this by specifying a Display Rank. Lower numbers will be displayed before higher numbers, with matching numbers being sorted alpha-numerically.

5. Click the Save button to complete your changes and save them to the database.


Edit or Delete Gender Expressions

Existing gender expressions can be edited or deleted. When a gender expression is deleted, all records linked to that gender expression will be deleted and revert to the mapped binary gender.

  • To edit an existing Gender Expression, click the Edit or Pencil icon to the right of the desired expression.
  • To delete an existing Gender Expression, click the Delete or X icon to the right of the desired expression.

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