Admin User Roles

Admin roles are used to manage access to various UltraCamp features. The standard roles available to Admin Users are listed below, along with a brief description. This isn't a comprehensive list of everything a specific role can or can't access, but it does provide a quick guide to role selection.

To add, edit, or review users:

    1. Go to the Settings menu
    2. Expand the System / Management section
    3. Click the Users link



Standard Roles are pre-generated by UltraCamp to fit most access scenarios. Additional Custom Roles can be created if desired.



Roles Descriptions

  • Master Admin
    • Access to everything in your database.
  • Data Admin:
    • Access to view and edit all reservation and individual data in your database. 
    • Cannot create or edit settings or sessions. 
    • Cannot access Medical Data or Financial Reports
  • Finance Admin:
    • Access to view and edit all financial data in your database. 
    • Cannot create or edit settings outside the Accounting menu. 
    • Cannot access Medical Data
  • Development Admin:
    • Access to all aspects of the Donor Management system. 
    • Access to create and edit individual and account information including making and refunding payments. 
    • Cannot access Medical Data.
  • Configuration Admin:
    • Access to templates and scheduling for creating sessions. 
    • Cannot access or create account or individual information. 
    • Cannot access reporting.
  • Medical Admin:
    • Access to view and edit all settings in the Health menu. 
    • Access to general reporting and custom reporting. 
    • Access to edit health information on an individual and account level.
  • Gallery Admin:
    • Ability to upload, edit, and delete photos from the Photo Gallery.
  • Store Admin:
    • Access to the Online Store in the Extra Services menu.
    • Can create, edit, and report on products and order types.
  • Retreat Admin:
    • Access to create and edit all Retreat Module settings, Account and Individual information, and Retreat Reservations. 
    • Access to all Retreat / Conference Center Reports and custom reporting.
    • Access to payments and refund capabilities. 
    • Cannot access Health menu. 
    • Cannot access Medical or Financial reporting.
  • Data Entry:
    • Access to create and edit Account and Individual information, including reservations and payments. 
    • Cannot cancel payments, run reports, or access Medical Information once it is entered. 
    • Cannot access settings or sessions.
  • Medical Reports:
    • Access to the reporting functions in the Health menu and custom reporting.
    • Cannot create, edit or access account information outside the Health reports.
  • Finance Reports:
    • Access to the reports in the Financial section of the Reports menu and view the Finance Detail on an account. 
    • Cannot change financial, individual, or account information. 
    • Cannot access settings or sessions.
  • Standard Reports:
    • Access to Standard Reports and custom reporting. 
    • Cannot access Financial or Medical reports.


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