Admin User Roles

Admin roles are used to manage access to various UltraCamp features. The standard roles available to Admin Users are listed below, along with a brief description. This isn't a comprehensive list of everything a specific role can or can't access, but it does provide a quick guide to role selection.

To add, edit, or review users:

    1. Go to the Settings menu
    2. Expand the System / Management section
    3. Click the Users link



Standard Roles are pre-generated by UltraCamp to fit most access scenarios. Additional Custom Roles can be created if desired.



Roles Descriptions

  • Master Admin
    • Access to everything in your database.
  • Data Admin:
    • Access to view and edit all reservation and individual data in your database. 
    • Cannot create or edit settings or sessions. 
    • Cannot access Medical Data or Financial Reports
  • Finance Admin:
    • Access to view and edit all financial data in your database. 
    • Cannot create or edit settings outside the Accounting menu. 
    • Cannot access Medical Data
  • Development Admin:
    • Access to all aspects of the Donor Management system. 
    • Access to create and edit individual and account information including making and refunding payments. 
    • Cannot access Medical Data.
  • Configuration Admin:
    • Access to templates and scheduling for creating sessions. 
    • Cannot access or create account or individual information. 
    • Cannot access reporting.
  • Medical Admin:
    • Access to view and edit all settings in the Health menu. 
    • Access to general reporting and custom reporting. 
    • Access to edit health information on an individual and account level.
  • Gallery Admin:
    • Ability to upload, edit, and delete photos from the Photo Gallery.
  • Store Admin:
    • Access to the Online Store in the Extra Services menu.
    • Can create, edit, and report on products and order types.
  • Retreat Admin:
    • Access to create and edit all Retreat Module settings, Account and Individual information, and Retreat Reservations. 
    • Access to all Retreat / Conference Center Reports and custom reporting.
    • Access to payments and refund capabilities. 
    • Cannot access Health menu. 
    • Cannot access Medical or Financial reporting.
  • Data Entry:
    • Access to create and edit Account and Individual information, including reservations and payments. 
    • Cannot cancel payments, run reports, or access Medical Information once it is entered. 
    • Cannot access settings or sessions.
  • Medical Reports:
    • Access to the reporting functions in the Health menu and custom reporting.
    • Cannot create, edit or access account information outside the Health reports.
  • Finance Reports:
    • Access to the reports in the Financial section of the Reports menu and view the Finance Detail on an account. 
    • Cannot change financial, individual, or account information. 
    • Cannot access settings or sessions.
  • Standard Reports:
    • Access to Standard Reports and custom reporting. 
    • Cannot access Financial or Medical reports.


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  • I am a master administrator, but I cannot edit roles for my user profile?

    How do I enable/disable other roles for myself?

  • Allen, you should be able to edit your user roles as a Master Administrator. To do this, go to your Admin Profile in your camp settings (Settings menu > System / Management > Users in Classic or Menu > Settings > Admin Users in Beta). Click on your name to edit your profile. Uncheck the boxes for any roles in addition to Master Administrator (you won't need them), and click the Save button.

    If you have trouble with any of this, please reach out to our support team by calling our tech support number, submitting a ticket, or just emailing In the future, these are also the best ways to get help with questions you can resolve through our Help articles.


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