How to Schedule Sessions Again

Updating Templates and Sessions

A common question asked is "How do I do what I did last year?" When you set up your program a second time, you'll still need to create new sessions. This will ensure that your historical records, finances, and accounts are all accurate over time. You can leverage the templates and information you've entered previously as well as a variety of tools within UltraCamp to speed and smooth your process.

  • Depending on your setup and how much has changed since last season, you may want to update your templates before you schedule your sessions.
  • Once your sessions are scheduled and tweaked for the upcoming season, you may also need to address additional settings.


Make sure you have your new schedule, fees, discounts, activities, options, and documents on hand before you begin.


Update Your Templates

When adding sessions for a new season, consider what items need to change, most commonly this will be dates and fees

The following templates could need adjustment:

  • Session-based fees
    • If your Fees are session-based, changing the Cost on the Fees page of the Session Template can save work if your pricing is standard for the new season.
    • Update template: Session Template

  • Option fees
    • The Cost in the Fees section of an option template has had a price change. This is particularly important if your pricing is derived from Session Options.
    • Update Template: Option Template

  • Discount amounts or codes
    • If your discount amounts or codes need to change for the current season, update the Simple and/or Multi-week discount templates accordingly.
    • Update Templates: Simple Discount Template and/or Multi-week Discount Template

  • Message or date change in Confirmation Master
    • If you are using a confirmation master, you may want to update your message, particularly if it contains any date specifics.
    • Update Template: Confirmation Master

  • New language, questions or dates
    • If you have new language, questions, or dates that need changing, you can update your Forms using the Layout page in the My Forms wizard.
    • Update Template: Forms

  • PDF files
    • PDF files that have been added to UltraCamp's documents library may need to have new versions uploaded. This can be done by editing the existing Document and selecting a new File to upload over the old one.
    • Update Template: Document


Schedule New Sessions

Each new event will have to be scheduled with its unique dates. This can be done from the Home page or the My Sessions menu and will pull in your template data, but you may need to make further adjustments. 

You can do this in one of two ways:

  • Session Editing Wizard - You can continue working in the Session Editing Wizard and use this to adjust most session-related settings.
  • Copy Settings from Session to Session - If your new session shares features with a previously scheduled session, you can use the Copy Settings wizard to copy those shared features to the new session. The Copy Settings wizard can copy fees, activities, options, discounts, custom questions, and more.

To copy Session Settings: 

    1. Go to Tools
    2. Expand Additional Tools
    3. Select Copy Session Settings


Additional Session Settings


These can not be set in the Session Editing Wizard.

  • Seasonal Fees must be added via the Seasonal Fees link in the Finances section of the Scheduling menu.
  • New Session Custom Questions must be added by clicking the link in the Custom Questions section of the Scheduling menu.
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