How to Delete a Session

Before deleting a session make sure that the session has no current reservations and there is no financial history attached to this session. If either of these are true, you should cancel all reservations first. 

If any payments have been made toward this session, you should hide the session from the public and close registration, but not delete it.


Before deleting a session, we recommend updating the session name to include "Delete this Session" in the name. This is optional but makes it easier to avoid accidentally deleting the wrong session.


To delete the session:

    1. Click on the My Sessions menu.
    2. Select Summary of Sessions.
    3. Summary of Sessions page.
    4. Click on Delete a Session in the list of Common Tasks, just above your list of Scheduled Sessions.
    5. Select the correct session from the drop-down menu.


Once you delete a session, it cannot be undeleted. This is why we recommend updating the name of the session before you begin, to make it easy to identify the session to delete.

    1. On the Confirm Session to Delete page, verify that this is the session you want to delete.
    2. Click on Yes, delete this session.

Follow through any remaining prompts until you see a message that the action has been completed.

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