Session Add-on Fees

Session Add On Fees are additional fees that can be added directly to a reservation. These fees can be either added automatically or added manually by an administrator.

Some common uses for a Session Add-on Fees include:

  • Taxes
  • Mandatory book or equipment fees)
  • Late Registration fees

To create and enable Session Add-on Fees requires two steps:

  1. Create an Add-on Fee Template.
  2. Connect the Add-on Fee to a session.

Once these two steps are enabled, your fees can be added to reservations as specified during setup. Add On Fees can be added or removed from individual reservations by admins at any time once these steps have been completed.


Step 1: Creating an Add-on Fee Template

Add-on Fee Templates can be created by taking the following steps:

    1. In the Settings menu, expand the Fees / Payments section.
    2. Click Add-on Fee Templates.
    3. Click the button to Create a New Fee Type.
    4. Enter a Fee Name and designate an Amount.
    5. Click the Save Fee Type button.

You can learn more about creating these Templates in our dedicated guide to Add-on Fee Templates here.


Step 2: Connect an Add-on Fee to a Session

To connect a Add-on Fee Template to a session, take the following steps:

    1. Open the Session Editing wizard for the desired session.
    2. In the wizard proceed to the Additional Fee / Taxes page in the Advanced Settings section.
    3. Click the link to Add a new 'Additional Fee'.
    4. In the pop-up, Select a fee to add using the dropdown menu.
    5. [Optional] Use the Start Date and End Date to limit when the fee will automatically be added to reservations for this session.
    6. Click Add Fee.

The fee will now be active for this session. It will behave using the settings you put in place in Step 1 and Step 2. It will be listed under Current "Additional Fees" for this session.


Managing an Existing Session Add-on Fee

Once it has been added to a session. the fee can be edited using the Edit link to the right. You can edit the following:

  • Update the Start Date and/or the End Date to change when the fee is active.
  • Use the Enabled checkbox to make the fee active or inactive.

You can remove the Add-on Fee from this session using the Delete link.

  • If anyone has already been charged the Session Add-on Fee, it will be made Inactive instead of deleted.



Add-on Fees are not intended to be the main fee for your sessions. They are primarily used to create additional, automatic or manual line-item fees which are added on top of other reservation fees.


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