Scheduling A New Session from an Existing Template

Sessions are scheduled from an existing Session Template. Default information, as well as Fixed Settings, are added automatically when you create the new session.

You can learn more about creating Session Templates here.



Scheduling from a Template - UC Classic

To add a new session, you can use any of the following locations to get started:

  • On the Home Page you can select the Schedule a New Session button.
  • On the Summary of Sessions page, select the Add a new session link at the top of the page.
  • Using the My Sessions dropdown menu, select the Schedule a new Session link.

Each of these will take you into the Schedule a New Session wizard.


Session Template

    1. Choose a Session Template from the dropdown menu.
    2. Click the Complete button to save your changes and proceed to the next page.


If you don’t have a template already, you can Create a new Session Master by clicking the appropriate link; this will redirect you to the Session Template wizard.


Basic Information Page

On the Basic Information page, you will need to enter appropriate data into at least the required fields—you can ignore any fields that don’t apply.



Basic Information Fields

Session Name

  • Adjust the Session Name from the Template Name if appropriate. 
  • This is a required field.

Sub Categories

  • These create a visual division of sessions whenever they are listed together on UltraCamp. 
  • Sessions with the same Sub Category name will be grouped together with the Sub Category as the header. 
  • Sub Category 2 displays within Sub Category 1.


  • Assign a Location from the dropdown menu.

Session Code 

  • If your organization uses Session Codes, you can enter this session’s code here.

Begin Date/End Date 

  • These will indicate when your program or event starts and finishes.
  • These are required

Alternate Date Label

  • Date range for events is displayed in a mm/dd/yyyy – mm/dd/yyyy format (e.g. 6/14/2020 – 6/19/2020). 
  • You can replace this with an Alternate Date Label of your choice.

Daily Start and Daily End time

  • If this session repeats daily during the Begin and End Dates, it can be set with a Daily Start and Daily End Time. 
  • This is particularly useful for daily repeating courses.
  • UltraCamp will display a Daily Start and End time if entered.

Time Description

  • This replaces the Daily Start and End Time with whatever text you enter in this field.

Registration Begin Date

  • This determines when clients can go online and register for this session.

Registration End Date

  • Determines when public registration by clients is disabled.

Modification Cutoff Date

  • Determines when a client can no longer modify options and activities selected along with this session. 
  • You and your staff can modify a reservation at any time. 
  • The Modification Cutoff Date defaults to the Registration End Date if you leave this field blank.

Cancellation Cutoff Date

  • Determines when a client can no longer cancel their own reservation. 
  • You and your staff can cancel a reservation at any time. 
  • The Cancellation Cutoff Date defaults to the Registration End Date if you leave this field blank.

Paid-in-Full Due Date

  • When this date arrives, clients will be required to pay for the entire session in order to register, regardless of the Payment Option.
  • Depending on the Session Template settings, it can also trigger balance due reminder emails. 
  • The Paid-in-Full Due Date defaults to the Session Begin Date if you leave this field blank.

Complete Button: 

  • Once you’ve entered the appropriate data, click the Complete button to save your information and proceed to the next page of the wizard.


Next Step

On this page you will be offered three options:

    1. Selecting Schedule another session will take you back to the Session Master page to repeat the process.
    2. Choosing to Continue working with this session in the Session Editing Wizard will allow you to use the Session Editing wizard to adjust the default settings for this specific session.
    3. Electing to Copy settings to this session from a previously scheduled session will take you to the Copy Settings wizard where you can copy some specific settings from another previously scheduled session.


Editing Capacity

To change the capacity in a session you first need to enter the session editing wizard.


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