Registration Password

You can restrict access to session registration through the use of passwords. 


Password Templates

A password template is necessary to password protect a session. Password templates can be used for multiple sessions across multiple seasons.

To create a Password Template:

    1. Go to the Settings menu.
    2. Click on Session Templates.
    3. Select Password Templates.
    4. Enter the new password in the field provided.
    5. Click the Save Password button.


Manage Existing Password Templates

All existing password templates will be listed in this section of the page along with how many sessions have used this password. 

You can delete a password by clicking the Delete or X icon to the right of the desired password.


Scheduling Registration Passwords

Once a Password Template is created, you can attach a session. 

To schedule a Password Template:

    1. Go to the Scheduling menu.
    2. Click on Advanced Items.
    3. Select Registration Passwords.
    4. Select the Password Template from the dropdown menu.
    5. Select which sessions to attach the password.
    6. Enter the Password Start/End Date, you may enter a start time as well.
    7. Click Save passwords.


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