Option Categories

Before you can schedule options for a particular program, you will need to create the categories and templates for these options.

  • An Option Category must be created before an Option Template can be set up. 
  • Option Categories organize your Option Templates and determine how these choices are offered to your clients.

Find Option Categories by following these steps:

    1. Go to Settings menu and expand the Option Templates section.
    2. Click on Option Categories.


Create and Edit Option Categories

To create a new option category or edit an existing option category, take the following steps:

  1. Click on the Create a New Session Option Category button or the Edit icon to the right of an existing category
  2. Enter the appropriate Basic Information
    • The Category Name is required
    • Set the Page Display Type
  3. Enter the appropriate Selection Settings
    • Set the Select Mode
    • [Optional] Enter Minimum and Maximum limits
    • [Optional] Check the boxes for any desired selection settings
  4. [Optional] Set the Financial Settings for this Option Category
    • Select an Allocation Account from the dropdown
    • Set whether discounts can apply to this category
  5. Click the Save Category button



Option Category Terms and Settings

Below is a detailed explanation of each of the settings for Option Categories:

Basic Information

Only the Category Name is required. You may enter any of the optional information as desired.

Category Name

  • The Category Name will serve as a header for reporting as well as display regarding any option within this category.

Category Description

  • Here you can enter instructional or descriptive text for clients to help guide clients through option selection. Additional text will be automatically generated based on your Selection Settings.

Page Display Type

  • Your Page Display Type determines how the options in this category will appear to during registration.
  • Categories that are set to Share page with other categories will display with other categories sharing this setting.
  • A Category set to Display on its own page will have its own dedicated page during registration.
  • Selecting the display option to Collect multiple session selections on a single page will group all options that share this category setting on one page at the end of the registration process.


By collecting multiple session selections on a single page, you can display all options from multiple sessions just prior to checkout. In order for this to work, however, the "Session Options" page must be removed from the Session Page Order (either on the individual session or the Page Order Template).



  • Use the category Rank to override UltraCamp's default, which is to display categories in alpha-numeric order.
  • Option categories with a lower rank will be displayed first and alpha-numerically within the same rank.

$0 Options on Printouts

  • By default, this box is checked, and therefore all options will print on the Confirmation Receipt and other customer-oriented places where options are set to print.
  • Uncheck the box to prevent options with no fees from showing on customer printouts. 
  • This setting does not affect the display of any options in the registration process or shopping cart.


Selection Settings

When your clients register, the Selection Settings control what choices those clients can make from the options in this category. Administrators have the ability to override these limitations.

Select Mode

  • The Select Mode determines the number of options a client can can choose
  • Your choice here will generate automatic instructional text at the bottom of your Description text.
    • If Multiple Selections in category are allowed, you will be able to set a Minimum Number and/or a Maximum Number of Selections.
    • If Multiple Selections in category are allowed, you can also enable a Select All checkbox for this category.
  • Check the box if a selection from this category is required
    • Enabling this option will generate automatic instructional text at the bottom of your Description text.
  • You can prevent reductions by the public to the total number of selected options in this category when modifying reservations by checking the appropriate box. 
    • This will allow clients to change which options they selected but not reduce the number of options they’ve selected.


Financial Settings

Financial settings on this Category will affect all options assigned to it:

Allocation Account

  • By default, any money collected for fees in this category will go to the same financial tracking account as the session they are assigned to.
  • If you wish to track the fees for this category of options separately from other fees, choose the desired Allocation Account from the dropdown menu.

Discounts can apply to options in this category

  • By default, the box is checked to allow discounts to apply to option fees in this category.
  • If you wish discounts to not apply to fees for options in this category, uncheck the box.
    • Percentage-based discounts are the most profoundly affected by unchecking this box, since option fees from this category will not count in the percentage calculation.
    • Dollar amount discounts will only be affected if the discount total is greater than the combined fees outside this category.

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