Bulk Update Option Templates

The Bulk Updates Tool can be used to update option templates. Bulk updating Fixed Settings on a template will of course affect the Fixed Settings of upcoming scheduled options. 



To Bulk Update Option Templates, take the following steps:

  1. Go to the Tools menu and expand Additional Tools.
  2. Click Bulk Updates.

Bulk Updating Option Templates in UC Classic

In order to update Option Templates, you will need to indicate which Options you'd like your changes to apply to, which aspects to update, and what the new settings should be. Finally, you will confirm your changes and process the bulk update.

Here are the steps:

    1. In the Bulk Updates tool, select Option Templates.
    2. On the Filters page, indicate which Option Templates you wish to adjust and click Select.
      • You can use the Change Filters link at the top to change which Templates are displayed for selection.
    3. Check the box to the left of any setting you wish to update.
    4. Enter your new values to the right of the indicated setting.
    5. Click the Next button.
    6. On the summary page, review your changes and click Process Bulk Update.
    7. Confirm your change as prompted.

These changes will affect the Option Templates you selected. Changes to Flexible Settings will not impact any options already scheduled from these templates.

Any adjustments to Fixed Settings will affect all instances of options scheduled from these templates.

A more detailed breakdown of the pages and terms is listed below the video.


Watch a Video: How to Bulk Update Option Templates in UC Classic


Bulk Update Details for UC Classic

1. Filters

On the Filters page, you can select individual options sessions by checking the box to the left of the desired session. 

  • Clicking no boxes will select ALL displayed options. 
  • Click the Select button.



You can change the displayed options by clicking the Change Filters link. You can then filter which options display by checking the box for specific Option Categories. Once you've selected your filters, click the Apply Filters button to return to the session selection page.


2. Settings

On the subsequent page, indicate which settings you wish to change by checking the box next to the desired setting(s). After checking the box, indicate the new value for the setting to the right.

When you've selected the settings and set the new values, click the Next button to confirm your changes.

  • Display Information: This section can be used to update the option Category, Subcategory, Confirmation Note, and Visibility.
  • Fees: Update the financial aspects of an option, including its cost, Pricing Structure, Collection amount, Cancellation Fees.
  • Availability: Update the Availability Limit, as well as Age or Grade Limitations on who will be eligible for this option.
  • Additional Settings: This section covers some of the more advanced aspects of Option Templates and should be addressed carefully. This includes Option Documents and Online Forms that are triggered by selection of this option, as well as Option Child settings and more.


3. Confirm Changes

UltraCamp will display a list of the option templates to be updated along with the setting or settings that will be updated.


You MUST click the Process Bulk Update button in order to complete the changes.


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