How Do Options Work?

Options are used to offer additional choices and selections to anyone registering for your sessions. Options are specifically designed to let individuals make selections from a list of one or more items. For example, options can be used to let individuals sign up for extended care, purchase additional shirts, or even indicate they want to sign up for financial aid.


To make options available for your clients, you will need to complete three steps:

    1. Create Option Categories.
    2. Create Option Templates.
    3. Schedule your Options to your session(s).

Once these steps are completed, your clients will be able to make these additional choices during registration.


Option Categories

Option Categories control certain behaviors for all options within their category. These behaviors include the following:

    • How options display
    • How many options can be selected
    • Whether a selection is required
    • Whether discounts can apply to option fees

You can learn more about setting up Option Categories here.


Option Templates

Option Templates are the items your client will select during registration. When you create the templates, you will control a variety of settings, including:

    • Option price
    • Availability limits
    • Age restrictions
    • The ability to trigger additional registration activity, like other options, forms, or confirmation information

You can learn more about creating Option Templates here.


Scheduling Options

When you Schedule options you choose which options will be associated with each of your sessions.

Once options have been scheduled, your clients will be able to make selections from them based on the settings you put in place.

You can learn more about Scheduling your Options here.



Options have two kinds of settings:

    • Fixed Settings are added and adjusted only on the Option Template. They affect every use of this option template.
    • Flexible Settings are a default that is set on the Option Template but can be changed each time you schedule them.

Once you schedule an option, flexible settings are no longer controlled by the Option Template.


Options During Registration

Depending on what you choose during setup, options will display in a number of different ways in the registration process. The image below will give you a preview of what options might look like to your clients based on the settings you indicate:




Options in Reporting

Options can be reported on using both standard and custom reports.

Two of the most frequently used standard reports are:

In custom reporting, you can pick and choose from a number of option-related data fields. Here are a couple of popular Data Fields:

    • List - Options in the Reservation Information section will display a single field with all the options selected for that reservation.
    • Any Option Category from the Option Category Selections section will display a data field with the client choice(s) from that category only.
    • An option from the Has Session Option section will display a field with a "Yes" if the client has selected that option. A "No" will be displayed if the client hasn't chosen that option.

You can learn more about creating custom reports in our webinar series here.



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