Selling with SmugMug


This video offers an in-depth tutorial on the price list feature in SmugMug, focusing on setting prices and selecting products for sale. It breaks down the price list's different columns—including base cost, profit, and final price—and provides guidance on customizing these to fit your needs. Additionally, the video includes valuable tips for choosing the right products to meet customer demands, aiming to enhance the effectiveness of using SmugMug's price list feature for your business.


Creating Packages

In this video, SmugMug provides an overview of the Packages feature in SmugMug. They explain how to access the feature, create and manage packages, and customize package details such as name, description, and pricing. They also discuss the options for assigning packages to galleries and restricting them to specific galleries. This video aims to help you understand how to leverage the Packages feature to offer different product bundles to your clients.


Creating Coupons

In this video, SmugMug explains how to use the coupons feature on our platform. They walk you through the process of creating different types of coupons, such as amount off, percentage off, free shipping, and at cost. They also discuss the settings and restrictions tabs, where you can customize the coupon's title, description, valid dates, minimum purchase amount, maximum uses, and more. Watch this video to learn how to effectively utilize the coupons feature and boost sales.

Action requested: Please watch the video to familiarize yourself with the coupons feature and start using it in your sales strategy.


Sales History

In this video, SmugMug will guide you through the sales history section of your Smug Mug account. We will learn how to navigate the interface, filter orders, and understand the different CSV files available for download. They will also explain the concept of proof delay and how it can be useful for reviewing and replacing images.

SmugMug Help Center

For additional help, please visit the SmugMug Help Center. Note that the setup and folder management for UltraCamp clients differ, and you can find these details in UltraCamp's help documents.

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