SmugMug Integration and Setup Guide

With the new SmugMug integration, managing photos through UltraCamp has never been easier. Effortlessly upload, organize, secure, and sell your photos. Create folders and galleries in SmugMug directly through UltraCamp, linking them to specific sessions so only registered participants and their families can view them through their accounts—no more sharing links or sending out passwords.

For camps already using SmugMug, your subscription will be adjusted to the discounted rate, making the transition seamless.



Connecting and authorization the SmugMug integration is only available in UltraCamp Beta. If you are in UltraCamp Classic, click on the UltraCamp logo to switch to Beta.


Activate and Authorize SmugMug in UltraCamp

When setting up SmugMug login credentials, each camp is limited to one user account. If you need to change the account email, this can be done directly in SmugMug.

  1. Navigate to UltraCamp Beta Home Page (Beta) by clicking on the UltraCamp logo.
  2. Click on the Mega Menu  bars-regular.svg.
  3. Select Settings (for the initial setup only).
  4. Go to Camper Services.
  5. Select Photo Gallery.
  6. Click Activate With SmugMug. 
  7. Enter your camp's name and login credentials, and click Activate My Account.
  8. Complete Authorize Connection to finish the setup.


After activating the account, the next step is to authorize the connection between SmugMug and UltraCamp. You must complete this step before you can use SmugMug.


Existing SmugMug users can switch to the discounted rate and receive credit for the remainder of their subscription. Simply select Connect Existing Account, and SmugMug support will contact you to complete the process.


Create Folders and Connect Sessions

After you connect and authenticate SmugMug, you'll be automatically taken to the Photo Gallery page to create your first folder. 

Folders can be linked to one or more sessions. Only accounts registered for a session can view the images. Folders not linked to a session can still store images, but these images will be visible to everyone viewing the Photo Gallery.

  1. Go to the Mega Menu (in Beta).
  2. Click on Tools and go to Photo Gallery.
  3. Select Add/Edit Folders.
  4. Click New Folder and enter a name (this is for organizational purposes for the admins and assistants. It is not visible to the public).
  5. Gallery: By default, a gallery will automatically be created for each folder.
    • Check Create Gallery Per Day if you want a gallery for each day of a session.
  6. Click Add for Session. 
  7. Click Update, then Save.


Folders need to be created in UltraCamp. Do NOT delete Folders directly in SmugMug as this will break the connection.


If you need to rename a folder, you can do so in UltraCamp or SmugMug. The update may take a moment to take effect.

Setup and Feature Management

This graph displays which photo gallery features are managed within UltraCamp and which require handling through SmugMug


SmugMug Help Center

For additional help, please visit the SmugMug Help Center. Note that the setup and folder management for UltraCamp clients differ, and you can find these details in UltraCamp's help documents.

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