Upload Photos and Videos to SmugMug

You can upload images to SmugMug through UltraCamp by logging in directly at SmugMug.com, or via the SmugMug app (available for Android or iOS). You can also set up a special Assistant Password for your staff to access your SmugMug account or share a link that lets guests upload their content directly.

Upload Images In SmugMug

There are several ways to upload photos and videos to your SmugMug account: from your desktop or mobile device, through the SmugMug app, or from other services such as Amazon Photos, Flickr, and Google. For detailed instructions, please refer to SmugMug's help article: Upload photos and videos.


Upload Images and Videos in UltraCamp

Images are not directly uploaded through UltraCamp, however a link is available that will connect you to your SmugMug account. Guests and Assistants can upload directly through SmugMug.

  1. Go to the Mega Menu.
  2. Click on Tools.
  3. Under Photo Gallery, click on Add / Edit Folders.
  4. For each folder, click Add Images. A new tab will open for you to log in to SmugMug.
  5. In SmugMug, select the gallery to upload to.
  6. Follow the prompts and upload.


Assistant Password

An assistant password lets account holders give other staff members limited access to their SmugMug account.

For detailed instructions, please refer to SmugMug's help article: Allow assistant access to my account.


Guest Uploading

SmugMug's guest upload feature allows individuals to add photos to a specific gallery without logging in.


Setup and Feature Management

This graph displays which photo gallery features are managed within UltraCamp and which require handling through SmugMug



SmugMug Help Center

For additional help, please visit the SmugMug Help Center. Note that the setup and folder management for UltraCamp clients differ, and you can find these details in UltraCamp's help documents.

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